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Monday, March 20, 2023


News about WISPAPALOOZA! It’s the largest event for the WISP community in United States if America. Please read the news articles related to this event.

FWA Expected to Continue Strong Growth Post-COVID

As WISPAPALOOZA roars back to life and reconvenes the industry here in Las Vegas, a new report has been released predicting “significant growth” of...

BEC Technologies Expands Portfolio with Multi-Service Modular Router

BEC Technologies Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of 4G LTE and 5G wireless broadband network connectivity solutions, recently unveiled a new addition to...

Monetize Streaming Traffic on Your Network, No Strings Attached

Backed by $20 million of investment capital, Vidgo is focused on establishing a stable and viable streaming product WISP business owners can feel confident...

Baicells Launches New 4x4MIMO LTE Base Station

Baicells Technologies, a leading manufacturer of fixed wireless LTE and 5G NR hardware solutions, announced that its new 8x5W, 4x4MIMO, LTE base station –...

Streakwave, Mimosa Announce Winner of RAM Truck Giveaway

Excited to be a part of the largest events for WISPs, Streakwave brought some excitement of its own to the show floor with the...

Marketbroadband.com, Cambium Enter Marketing Data Licensing Agreement

Lorex, Inc. (Marketbroadband.com) and Cambium Networks today announced their new cnHeat Data Licensing Agreement at WISPAPALOOZA 2021. Cambium Networks’ cnHeat Locate product generates highly accurate...

ISP Wholesale Networks Announces Pre-Launch of Truss Communications

ISP Wholesale Networks took the opportunity at WISPAPALOOZA to announce the pre-launch of Truss Communications. According to the company, Truss will provide wholesale wireless rural...

Concerned About OSHA Compliance?

Are you worried about OSHA compliance or massive regulatory citations? Are looking for strategies to keep your employees safe? AW Safety Services is a...

‘All WISPs Everywhere’ Honored at Annual WISP Awards

A major highlight of WISPAPALOOZA 2021 was the annual WISPA Awards, held yesterday during a lunch ceremony in the Bally’s ballroom. Each year, WISPA...

WISPTV Offers WISPs Turnkey OTT Solution

After implementing it on its own platform, WISPTV has built a white-label turnkey over-the-top (OTT) service that allows WISPs to offer live TV, movies...