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2019 Directory | Channel Vision 55 BullsEye Expands Beyond Core Pillars By Gerald Baldino PROFILE W hen we spoke with Bulls- Eye Telecom for our 2017 directory, the aggregator had just outlined four key pillars for business growth in VoIP, POTS, con- nectivity and SD-WAN. A year later, the company is already in the process of adding two more pillars in security and IoT management services. “We have already started roll- ing out our cloud security product,” explained vice president of channel sales Brian Babich. “BullsEye is now also under contract with Zscaler for cloud security, with a general release scheduled for the beginning of the year. We also plan to offer premises-based security if someone doesn’t want to go into the cloud.” What’s more, under BullsEye’s se- curity pillar, “we’ll be adding our man- aged Wi-Fi product, powered by Mojo, going into 2019,” added Babich. The fact that BullsEye can now offer Zscaler with SD-WAN is a noteworthy accomplishment. “We’ve had some large SD-WAN prospects that have inquired about Zscaler and SD-WAN, and when they found out we can offer the combina- tion, it completely changed the tra- jectory of the opportunity coming our way,” Babich added. “So we’re very excited about this development.” As for IoT management, the company already has a hand in sev- eral different projects. Demand is expected to pick up, with the global IoT market set to increase by at least 20 percent through 2023. In one example, BullsEye recent- ly provided an IoT solution for a ma- jor quick-service coffee franchise. “The client was having someone manually check the refrigerator tem- perature every hour with a clipboard,” Babich explained. “Using our device, the company can now collect and transmit that information digitally with secure and automated reporting.” BullsEye’s expansion strategy is in line with the “Keeping up with the Joneses” rush that is sweeping across telecom, as large aggrega- tors are racing to offer more and more services. BullsEye is right in the mix as one of the most competi- tive providers in the market, which directly benefits channel partners. This begs the question, though: What separates BullsEye from other aggregators? Babich riffed on the “BullsEye Way,” and the company’s hands-on approach to service and support. “We’ve been told by many clients that we have more of a boutique ap- proach compared to other aggrega- tors they have experienced in the past,” Babich said. “A typical aggre- gator will tell you they have it all, but may fall short during the onboarding and management process. We now have six core pillars, but the real magic is how we design our services and make them work.” BullsEye, for instance, offers an Expert Network Center comprised of a team of highly skilled engineers. “Our Expert Network Center is critical for services that are in high demand, such as SD-WAN,” Babich said. “BullsEye has partnered with VeloCloud to deliver our solution, and has done so in a way that offers the highest level of flexibility to the end- user. We design, deploy and manage the entire process of implementing SD-WAN into a company’s environ- ment. Right now, some of the tradi- tional partners are losing out to MSPs that act as one-stop-shops. Because of the BullsEye Way, coupled with the ability to provide broadband nationally via 80-plus underlying carriers, we can definitely help traditional partners provide a full solution.” BullsEye’s success can be seen in its stellar retention rate, which is typically at 99 percent monthly. The company is very stable, which is important for partners and the com- pany’s long term outlook. The partner community also will appreciate the company’s revised competitive payouts. “We have released our most ag- gressive compensation plan, ever,” Babich said. “We also spoke with sev- eral partners and learned that people are struggling with complicated com- pensation plans across the industry. So, we revamped and simplified the way partners get paid to the point where they are approaching us and saying how much easier we are to understand than other companies. “We want to be known as the best multi-location aggregator out there,” Babich concluded. “That’s been a major focus of ours. We’ve been looking under the hood for ways to streamline our operations and make our company better. I’ve never been more excited in my 13 years at BullsEye than I am to- day with our company’s direction. There’s never been a better time to sell BullsEye.”