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2019 Directory | Channel Vision 57 PROFILE T he year 2018 was a whirlwind for nexVortex. The company signed agreements with several new channel partners, de- ployed multiple product offerings and was named a 2018 Visionary Spotlight Award winner, as well as to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-grow- ing privately held U.S. companies for the eighth consecutive year. We sat down with nexVortex found- er and chief operating officer Wes Rogers for an inside look at what’s been happening with the company. CHANNELVISION: Wes, it’s been a very busy year for nexVortex. Have you caught your breath yet? WR: We are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish. It’s a testament to our team and the channel partners who place their trust in us to deliver quality-based cloud services day-in and day-out. Much of our success is attributed to opera- tional discipline, an ability to innovate, and simply doing the right thing, at the right time, with the right intention. CV: You announced Managed Hosted Voice early in 2018 and then followed it up with Managed Hosted Voice with LTE. What was the driver behind developing those solutions? WR: We have been in the cloud communications business for more than 12 years, and with that longev- ity comes experience and customer relationships, which enable us to openly discuss not only their needs and wants, but also their fears. As voice and data services move to the cloud, there is a certain loss of control on the part of the customer and, quite frankly, a bit of fear as to whether those services can be delivered with busi- ness continuity, quality and an ap- propriate level of visibility to pinpoint and solve issues quickly when they arise. We wanted to attack that fear head-on, which is why we devel- oped Managed Hosted Voice. It de- livers “Quality, Availability, and Vis- ibility (QAV)” for hosted voice, and with our LTE option you can have a complete business continuity solu- tion even if your business location is served by only one ISP. It is a managed service and in- cludes a small premises device (the nexVortex Edge) which provides a demarcation point on the customer premises for visibility while perform- ing voice packet replication and recombination to adjust for potential packet loss between the premises and our hosted platform in the cloud. Packet loss is a killer of voice quality. Finally, if there is an outage on the primary ISP, it can move data over to the secondary ISP or over to LTE if a customer has chosen that option. CV: Why is QAV such a top focus for nexVortex? Which other solutions do you offer that manifest those same attributes? WR: Our ability to deliver on the promise of QAV provides us key differentiation in what is a very, very competitive marketplace. Another offering we have which delivers QAV is our Managed SIP Trunking (mSIP). It targets those customers choosing to have a premises-based PBX and uses SIP trunking to connect to the cloud. We can deliver QAV whether a customer wants hosted voice (using mHV) or premises-based voice (using mSIP). It’s important to understand that nexVortex built, owns and operates our service delivery platform, includ- ing the billing system and an easy- to-use portal. This has allowed us to develop innovative services like mHV and mSIP and enables us to react quickly to customer-impacting issues when they arise. CV: What’s the opportunity here for channel partners? WR: Our ability to innovate is extremely important. We are 100 percent channel focused and are constantly looking for ways to pro- vide them new services to sell at a level of service performance and support which enables them to win in the marketplace. The two recent examples we have been discussing today are mHV and mSIP. Our innovation has enabled them in other ways as well. For example, we allow our SIP service plans to be shared across multiple locations in a multisite deployment. This relieves channel partners from having to do detailed capacity planning at every site and can provide tremendous cost sav- ings because there is no need to “overbuy” calling capacity at any given site just to cover a worst-case scenario. We often find that many channel partners use the money saved to provide their clients other high-value services, thereby further solidifying their relationship. By Gerald Baldino nexVortex’s Wes Rogers nexVortex Delivers Cloud Communication with ‘QAV’ in Mind