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2020 Directory | CHANNEL VISION 65 Telstra Connects the Americas toAsian Growth Opportunities By Troy Drake PROFILE T he holidays are a chance for all of us to reflect on what’s important – for our families and friends, colleagues and customers, as well as the opportunities we’ve been given during the past year. For those of us at Tel- stra, it’s also a chance to focus once more on how our work during the past year creates new op- portunities for our customers’ growth. For example, we recently announced new investment in the Southern Cross Cable Network, which will offer the lowest latency between the United States and Australia when the Southern Cross NEXT subsea cable is completed by 2022. We also deployed the brand-new high- speed INDIGO cable between Singapore and Australia to offer faster and more reli- able connectivity into key Asian markets. And this year also saw the expan- sion of our “Always On” connection service, which provides continuous connection on our busiest Asian routes. That means customers have reliable, resilient connectivity into some of the fastest-growing and most-challenging markets in the world. All that investment is because we believe our customers have access to enormous opportunities in high-growth countries across the Asia Pacific. The region’s economic rise has led to it being called the “world growth engine,” driven by countries that make up more than 60 percent of the world’s population. And those people are demanding connectivity. Telstra is playing a vital role in supporting this growth. Our subsea infrastructure already spans more than 250,000 miles around the world and delivers approximately a third of all IP traffic in Asia. Our investments in infra- structure are just one part of a long-term strategy to capture data demand across the Asia Pacific. We continue to build out our subsea cable network to boost capacity and resiliency; increase our investment in our backhaul net- work across China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea; and be at forefront of provid- ing connectivity between the U.S. and China. Complementing superior infrastructure with in-country expertise But we also know your network is only as good as the teams of people who build it, manage it, optimize it and use it. That’s why we have built a strong in-country footprint across the Asia Pacific region, across markets with a variety of languages, cultural norms, climatic conditions, not to men- tion complex access regimes. We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done to become the number one foreign telecommunications provider in South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines – and one of the top few in mainland Chi- na, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. This enviable position is due to our culture of partnering with our custom- ers and agents, having strong engi- neering expertise and an exemplary service record. We have engaged local staff, forged public and private partnerships and invested in domestic infrastructure making it easier for our customers to do business across Main- land China, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and more. Experience and presence across the Americas We have a long history of investment in our Americas business to give you the experience you deserve. In fact, this year marks our 25th anniversary in the U.S.! That’s why some of the Americas’ biggest tech and media successes trust Telstra to connect to new opportunities, innovation and revenue in the world’s fastest growing markets. For example, we connect 11 of the top 12 technology companies in the Fortune 500 to Asia. And our presence is growing. We now have offices in six major cities, including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington D.C. that are supporting customers across more than 160 cities in the Americas region. Individually, each of these develop- ments offer opportunities to our cus- tomers looking to connect with Asian growth. But altogether they underline the strength of our commitment – both in the ongoing development of our subsea network and our extensive, unique in- country footprint – to better support our customers doing business in Asia. You can rely on us to be a trusted, agile, partner on your journey to Asian growth. So, when you think Asia, you should think Telstra. Tony Drake is head of enterprise and channel sales at Telstra Tony Drake