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2020 Directory | CHANNEL VISION 67 PROFILE T he UCaaS market is highly satu- rated, making it dif- ficult for agents to find platforms that are truly unique and compelling. Net- Carrier, for its part, has gone to great lengths to solve this problem, designing its very own hosted platform, TelEDGE. We recently spoke with NetCarrier founder and chief technology officer Christopher Peltier, who shed some light on a new UCaaS offering that has been gaining a great deal of trac- tion in the channel during the last few months – making it a platform to watch in 2020. ChannelVision: First, please provide some background for our readers. How did NetCarrier get to be a hosted PBX software provider? Christopher Peltier: I founded Net- Carrier in 1996 as an offshoot of a soft- ware and systems integration company specializing in intranet technologies. As the internet market skyrocketed in 1999, I partnered with Brook Lenfest, now our CEO and president, who infused fresh capital and enabled Net- Carrier to become a licensed, facilities- based CLEC.  As we expanded, we released Teleflex, an integrated, dynamic voice and data service on a single commu- nications circuit utilizing ATM BLES technology. We were one of the first companies to offer this solution. We then acquired two companies special- izing in internet and voice services, Eclipse and SNIP, which expanded our reach. We began using VoIP ex- clusively for dynamic voice and data product delivery, and in 2011 we released our first cloud-based PBX solution. As VoIP technologies con- tinued to dominate the market, we knew it was time to leverage our software engineering capa- bilities. We designed TelEDGE, a new UC platform integrating best-of-breed open source soft- ware, to produce a unique and highly capable service offering. Combined with our telecommu- nications carrier infrastructure, we were poised to offer a wide range of custom features with infinite capabili- ties. CV: Tell us about the underlying tech- nology that agents can expect to find in the TelEdge platform. CP: The NetCarrier team has over 15 years of experience delivering VoIP and packet voice delivery, which en- abled us to build a robust platform. To design our product, we utilized a vari- ety of available technologies including SIP, the cloud, fixed and mobile net- work delivery, IPv4 and IPv6, the latest in virtual clustering, and distributed object storage systems. These technologies allowed us to build and deliver a scalable, cost- effective UCaaS platform that contains a very useful feature set, with excellent performance and full redundancy. Unlike most competitor solutions, our system is also network agnostic, allowing both na- tive IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. This in- creases performance in mobile networks since they are natively IPv6, which elimi- nates the complicated translation. TelEDGE can recognize customer intranets and VPNs, allowing voice traffic to follow an optimized internal network path for technologies such as MPLS, VPN and SD-WAN. It keeps lo- cal voice traffic on the customer’s LAN and will only traverse the WAN when PSTN or advanced features such as call recording are required. This design enhances the performance and call quality of our service. CV: NetCarrier has a reputation for being a forward-thinking company. How do you decide which features you are developing next? CP: We are very active with our channel partners and customer base. These interactions, coupled with at- tending industry trade shows and events, provides us valuable informa- tion that we can use to design solu- tions that align with end-user needs. CV: How do you see the TelEDGE platform expanding or growing in the future? CP: Based on the feedback we have received, we plan on develop- ing new features such as AI, voicemail transcription, universal DIDs, integra- tions and video collaboration. CV: What does NetCarrier offer to agents and customers? CP: As an FCC regulated carrier, we have tremendous experience de- ploying voice technology. We are large enough to support all enterprise level customers, yet nimble enough to pro- vide custom solutions. Our customer support is never outsourced and is 24x7x365, with an average wait time of under 30 seconds. We have always gone above and beyond for our chan- nel partners and customers and will continue to do so. By Gerald Baldino NetCarrier’s Peltier Discuss UCaaS Differentiation Christopher Peltier