Earlier this year Wave Wholesale took home a Visionary Spotlight Award from ChannelVision for Wholesale Broadband and Capacity, recognizing the company for its expansive fiber network, which cov- ers more than 22,000 route miles across the U.S. The award also honored Wave Wholesale for providing complementary NNIs for its nationwide Ethernet of- fering, as well as access to more than one million broadband locations. Wave is deeply committed to providing transparency and customization for its whole- sale partners. Indeed, Wave Wholesale offers a strong platform for nationwide connectivity. The company’s com- prehensive portfolio includes wave- lengths, Ethernet, E-Access/ENNI, IP transit, broadband, dark fiber and cellular backhaul services, and it continues to construct and add services in both metropolitan and rural areas. Take a closer look beyond its initial service offerings, though, and you’ll find that Wave Wholesale also makes a tremendous effort to support these services — going above and beyond to equip businesses with the services they require to stay competitive. As Wave Wholesale national di- rector Stacey Vandell explained, this is not something wholesale partners always find with other carriers. “I think a lot of carriers look at wholesale as kind of a secondhand offering and don’t support it at the level they need to,” explained Van- dell. “Most of the time, they don’t dig into ICB (individual case basis) opportunities, which is something we absolutely do.” A helpful feature that companies find with Wave Wholesale is the dedicated teams that help with im- plementation, engineering and man- agement. These teams are trained to provide comprehensive care at every touchpoint. “We are a different breed of wholesale provider, and one that’s fully committed to addressing the needs of our partners,” said Vandell. “This extends all the way from our MSAs to the way we build and how we are committed to providing pric- ing parity.” Yet another differentiating factor is Wave Wholesale’s ability to protect customer data. “That’s always been a contentious issue with wholesale service,” said Van- dell. “Oftentimes it’s a free for all, where sales teams try and utilize customer data as a lead generation tool. We put firewalls in place so that can’t happen. We fiercely protect customer data.” Vandell also offered some insight about how the company has been navigating COVID-19 — which started by imple- menting a mandatory work-from-home require- ment after the outbreak. “Our team has been taking COVID-19 very seri- ously,” Vandell explained. “Maintaining a healthy environment for our teams has been a top prior- ity. Immediately after the outbreak, our team went home to work remotely, and we’ll remain doing so until it’s completely safe to return to our offices.” Wave Wholesale has also adopted a highly flexible service model during COVID-19 to help cus- tomers wherever support is required. “We can adjust our network ser- vices very quickly,” Vandell contin- ued. “For instance, throughout the pandemic we have been able to ex- pedite and turn up services for many testing sites or emergency service areas within 24 hours and provide more options for first responders, free of charge. We are proud to help support their efforts.” Heading into 2021, the company is in a strong position to keep grow- ing and supporting partners’ needs. “Wave Wholesale is here to help, whether you’re looking to extend your footprint from metro to underserved areas, diversify your routes or add high-speed capacity,” added Vandell. “We’re constantly adding new on-net buildings for nationwide services and expanding our footprint to meet our partners’ needs. So, if you’re looking to grow next year, come talk to us.” o Wave Wholesale: A Different Breed of Wholesale Service PROFILE 2021 Directory | CHANNEL VISION 59 Wave Wholesale Continental U.S. Wholesale Network Map