Programmable VoIP APIs have emerged as a preferred way for com- panies to integrate communications mechanisms into their business ap- plications. Thanks to programmable VoIP APIs, companies no longer need to build and maintain a compli- cated softswitch and/or PBX system. Now, just a few simple lines of code can provide the same features and functionality. Teli offers an award-winning VoIP API which was specifically developed to streamline the way companies inte- grate voice, messaging and fax func- tionality into applications. Leveraging teli’s API, all commands can be sent using GET or POST functions, without requiring any special attributes or cre- dentials. All you need is an API token. For more insight on teli, we spoke with chief revenue officer Scott Navratil, an executive who has roughly 30 years of experience in sales and marketing and more than 15 years in IP communications. Scott has run channel programs for com- panies such as Vitelity, Inteliquent and Voyant and is now working to grow the teli brand. ChannelVision: What are some of the major highlights for teli during the last year? Scott Navratil: teli has seen fan- tastic growth and success over the last year with our bulk A2P messaging solutions and programmable VoIP API products. We won the Channel- Vision Visionary Spotlight Award for our multi-tiered reseller portal, we grew our employee base by 30 percent, and we set records for bulk messaging volume, throughput and revenue. CV: What messaging trends did you notice after the outbreak? SN: When customers are on COVID lockdowns, they may not be seeing a company’s brand messaging in their daily commutes and routines. For those companies who had the forethought to have a business text messaging strategy, they were able to stay connected to their customers and minimize the revenue loss. CV: Why are carriers cracking down on A2P messaging? And how are businesses being impacted? SN: This is primarily due to excessive spam. As a result, busi- nesses with legitimate text marketing message campaigns may be getting their content filtered and/or blocked. The carriers believe that if it looks like spam and smells like spam … it must be spam. CV: How can companies remain compliant? SN: At teli, we always advocate for compliance. Most importantly, any business that wants to leverage the power of business text messaging must comply with the TCPA regula- tions. On our website,, we pro- vide detailed information on what you can and cannot send in a commercial text message. We also provide some best practices to ensure compliance and maximize delivery. CV: How can channel partners help organizations during this difficult time? What is the opportunity here? SN: Channel partners and resell- ers are a critical component to helping a business keep their employees connected to their customers. With no ending to the pandemic in sight, the realization is that workforces and customers will be communicating remotely for the foreseeable future. Channel partners will need to guide their customers on communications solutions that are optimized for remote workforces. They will also need to help identify and mitigate potential QoS, security and scal- ability issues. What once worked for an on-premises communications network may not work for dispersed global network. CV: How does teli fit into the picture? SN: We give channel partners and resellers robust business messaging, voice and fax solutions for their customers. We help drive the conversation around helping customers stay connected but also show them ways they can leverage the power of communication enable- ment into the products and services they provide their customers. CV: What does the next year look like for teli? What do you have in mind for 2021? SN: We will continue to enhance our programmable VoIP API products. We will also work to help our customers understand and navigate the new changes around A2P messaging being rolled out by the mobile carriers in the very near future. In addi- tion, teli will be announcing more strategic partnerships soon with an industry-specific focus in healthcare. o teli Promotes the Power of Communication Enablement teli chief revenue officer Scott Navratil 2021 Directory | CHANNEL VISION 61 PROFILE