Earlier this year, the leaders at MACH Networks huddled together to fig- ure out how best to help customers and partners handle the bevy of challenges they were suddenly facing — ranging from short-term decisions related to CO- VID-19 to broader connectivity transfor- mations that need to be addressed. MACH wound up launching four managed services designed to address a variety of pain points. Included was a managed LTE offering for students and remote workers, enabling affordable, reliable and secure remote connectiv- ity. MACH also unveiled high-capacity plans from 50 GB to 150 GB per month to support high-data usage applications including SD-WAN, video surveillance, and more, and launched new managed satellite connectivity services enabling unlimited, anywhere, anytime connec- tivity that delivers speeds of up to 35 Mbps down and 4 Mbps up. MACH’s latest offerings include two versions of Analog Replacement Solu- tions – AREeS-1 and AReS-2, each designed to provide a specific type of POTS replacement solutions for busi- nesses, an urgent need facing compa- nies across all industries. “As carriers eliminate support for analog services, and as prices continue to climb, our POTS replacements solu- tions provide connectivity for specialty voice lines, including alarms, elevators, fire call boxes and virtually any old, ana- log services – without having to replace your existing equipment,” said Mach Networks CEO Don Ochoa. AReS-1 is a fully managed, all-inclu- sive solution that provides an LTE router with dual RJ-11 ports, a built-in softswitch, a cellular modem and a wireless data plan. Alternatively, AReS-2 is more of a “bring your own softswitch” solution that includes a Cradlepoint LTE router, an analog terminal adapter (ATA), and an LTE data plan. You get to use your own softswitch (e.g., Broadsoft, Metaswitch, NetSapien, etc.), which provides lower costs and more flexibility. Analog replacement is something that MACH has been very vocal about this year, with Ochoa recently partici- pating in a ChannelVision webinar to spread the word. “Deregulation has already occurred, and analog lines can now cost more than $100 for each line of service,” said Ochoa. “What’s more, some of the underlying carriers have already an- nounced the discontinuation of support for analog services. It’s really up to each company’s specific situation, but MACH provides a proactive approach to prevent a reactive response down the road.” Companies that choose to delay migration, Ochoa said, will suffer from higher costs and reduced availability in the coming months. “Companies can now charge whatever they want for the monthly analog plans,” added Ochoa. “Some businesses will be forced to adopt IP-based solutions on the carrier’s schedule, not yours. LTE is more cost-effective and is expected to remain a viable solution for decades to come.” MACH handles the heavy lifting so that partners can focus on their core businesses. This includes order fulfillment, configuration and testing of devices before shipping; monitoring and managing the hardware and data plans; monitoring and managing data plans; and providing ongoing technical support. These costs are covered in MACH’s data plans, which, according to Ochoa, are more cost-effective than what carriers can offer directly. Looking ahead to 2021, MACH also will continue helping partners pivot toward 5G. This will be a significant initiative for the company during the course of the next year. In fact, MACH was chosen as one of Cradlepoint’s first partners in the nation to offer next generation 5G routers. “Everything we are doing today revolves around delivering fully managed 5G solutions tomorrow and bringing our customers down a logical path,” said Ochoa. “We help our part- ners with go-to-market initiatives, the drumbeat of marketing, full-manage- ment and the power of recurring rev- enue. And in the end, this helps set the stage for the most significant transfor- mation in the telecom industry’s history.” In addition, MACH is committed to helping customers remain up to date with changing security needs. For example, in June, MACH launched Network Sentinel. This wireless, private network service protects data from being exposed to the public internet so that mobile devices can remain protected against cyberattacks and malicious intent. MACH’s Network Sentinel uses machine learning to coun- ter potential mobile security threats. The service continuously analyzes end-user behavior and tracks hundreds of millions of websites each day to identify malicious intent and abnormalities in mobile traffic. “Network Sentinel offers a level of security and control that has been miss- ing with LTE data plans,” said Ochoa. “In a recent survey of C-Level execu- tives, it was found that 53 percent of large enterprises cite scaling endpoint security as their number one pain point, while 44 percent of organizations acknowledged that they had faced a cyberattack during COVID-19, precisely due to remote working.” Network Sentinel also can help companies control the amount of data they’re using. “Network Sentinel provides both data management and security,” said Ochoa.“You can count on MACH to continue pushing the envelope with se- cure, affordable and fully managed LTE solutions for SMBs and enterprises.” o For more information, MACH can be reached at (866) 972-7677, ext 2. You can also send an email to sales@machnet, or visit www.MACH for more details. MACH Launches Managed Connectivity Services MACH CEO Don Ochoa 2021 Directory | CHANNEL VISION 65 PROFILE