With DFS for service providers, your qualified customers can use their line of credit to pay for the hardware, software, and your value-added ser- vices at one place. This is particularly important for small businesses that have been hard hit in the COVID-19 era, enabling them to get the technology upgrades they need to stay relevant or pivot their business model. And with DFS for service providers, you get paid faster: DFS remits payment to you for the services financed within 24 to 48 hours after the invoice is submitted. With these five key benefits, the Dell Expert Network brings a world of advantages to you and your clients. Why not get started now? DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER This is a personal, one-on-one partnership dedicated to helping you grow your business. All account managers are extensively trained on a variety of Dell products. Your dedicated account manager, who is backed by a team of both sub- ject matter and technical experts, will help you identify, plan, and execute projects for your clients. That includes working directly with your end customers when they need help too. Together, your Dell Expert Network team will help you find the right solutions for your clients as well as flesh out larger opportunities. LOYALTY REWARDS Dell Expert Network members earn 3% back or more in purchases made for you and your clients. You can use your rewards to upgrade your own technology, or open doors to new prospects by offering a technology incentive as part of your sales meeting. And the best part is, your dedicated account manager will track it all for you. TIME-SAVING TOOLS To increase efficiency and effectiveness, members have access to both Dell TechDirect and Live Optics. TechDirect provides an easy, convenient, and flexible way for MSPs to manage Dell EMC products throughout their lifecycles—from deployment to education and support. TechDirect allows you to self-log support tickets, self-dispatch replace- ment parts, request technical support, and more, 24/7. Live Optics is an online analytics tool that provides a comprehensive, vendor- agnostic view of your customer’s IT infrastructure in just hours, instead of the weeks or months IT service providers typically spend gathering data and analyzing needs. It enables you to make data-driven purchasing recommendations that can transform IT and deliver real business results to your clients. Live Optics is also a cost-comparison tool among different cloud strategies (public, hybrid, on-prem) that you can run for the workloads of your customers. DEDICATED MEMBER PORTAL Via the secure MemberNet portal, you can see a quick overview of all your activity and where you are in the Advantage, Premium, and Elite tiered structure. You can also drill down into your transaction and rewards history, find new offers for you and your cus- tomers from Dell, and access Dell certifications and training. This includes online courses, free webinars with live demos, and MSP-specific educational content that will help you stay ahead of the game with a sneak peek at some of the newest Dell products. DELL FINANCIAL SERVICES (DFS) Deep product expertise. Personal support. Time-saving tools. Loyalty rewards. These benefits and more are key advantages to membership in the Dell Expert Network, a support program for managed service providers and IT consultants serving the small business market. Designed for MSPs and IT consultants whose primary business is managed services , the Dell Expert Network is a one-stop shop solution that rewards and educates members who purchase from Dell on behalf of their clients. With shortcuts to services and support and a dedicated account manager, the Dell Expert Network makes business engagements easier. For members, the Dell Expert Network offers five primary benefits: SPONSORED ARTICLE P A R T N E R P R O G R A M P R O F I L E ´ 1 2 3 DELL EXPERT NETWORK CAN TURBOCHARGE YOUR MSP BUSINESS A support program for MSPs and IT consultants, the Dell Expert Network is a one-stop shop that makes business engagement easier and helps you better serve your small business customers. HOW DO I BECOME A DELL EXPERT? Simply register at and you will be contacted by your dedicated IT account manager within 72 business hours to get you up and running toward all your member benefits! LEARN MORE AT DELL.COM/EXPERTNETWORK OR EMAIL THE DEN TEAM DIRECTLY AT DELL_EXPERT_NETWORK@DELL.COM 5 4