Sometimes a personal touch makes the biggest difference. For Dallas-based software app developer, Banter, the goal is to work hand-in-hand with the customer to create bespoke business communications options and cloud-based applications. Backed by its roots in voice transmission, Banter employs a “no-code” platform that blends powerful communication systems, business automation solutions and customized features within its products. “Banter empowers businesses with unique communication capabilities and powerful automation solutions,” said Abid Marediya, the firm’s vice president of business development. With an extensive set of texting and business logic layer options, Banter provides critical assistance to improve customer connections, generate contacts, increase productivity and embrace expansion – all while driving specific, desired outcomes based on vertical demands. “It doesn’t matter if you have clients in the dental practice, at the gym or in the hotel industry,” said Marediya. “We can generate custom solutions designed specifically around communicating with your clients. And with our platform, Banter can power multiple processes within many different verticals that drive efficiency.” Using its self-developed no-code platform, Banter extends features either natively built or integrated within a third-party tool. This functionality optimizes daily operations and drives personal business outcomes. “For us, it’s about customizing applications to tap into a greater network of customers and offer solutions that fit different verticals,” said Marediya. “MSPs may have a hundred gyms or a thousand hotels. We’re all about figuring out the best solution – based on communication – for them. Whether it’s calling or text messaging, that’s what we want to do.” This has a dramatic effect on cost and operations efficiency, regardless of one’s business. “We have a global customer base. Most are gyms, restaurants, dental practices and software companies,” said the executive. “Regardless of who you are, Banter offers simple solutions to solve everyday business challenges.” Let’s face it, everybody needs to acquire customers, continued Marediya. “We can do that with our campaigning tools. Once you pull [the new customer] in, you need to transact with them. Banter allows customers to pay with their phone or by text. Now you’re retargeting them. You’re saying, ‘Hey, come back. Here’s 10 percent off. Here’s 20 percent off. Here’s a link to rate us on Google.’ These capabilities and other components are great from vertical to vertical.” In the end, Banter’s portfolio caters to just about any business type, providing a customer-friendly interface that can support various guest services, registration, data collection and real-time notifications, among many other capabilities. With this unique mindset, Banter believes that it is well-positioned to capitalize on the extensive demand that its global customer base generates. And this, Marediya noted, also can have a huge impact on Banter’s growing partner set. “This year, we want to expand our partner program,” said Marediya. “We want to heavily incentivize through great commission structures, building those relationships with partners and, most importantly, listening to the partners that we bring on. This will only help to drive the future shape of our product. We want to create a competitive model to incentivize partners to now work with us on a long-term basis this year. “That’s all absolutely critical,” Marediya continued, “for future growth and success.” Future expansion seems to be a virtual certainty as the company continues to broaden its capabilities. After all, Banter offers that personal touch. o For more information on Banter and its many unique options visit Customized Communication Automation for Businesses Abid Marediya, Banter’s VP of business development 2022 Directory | CHANNELV ISION 67 PROFILE By Brady Hicks