At Bicom Systems, we are constantly improving our software for a better user experience. Staying up to date with the competition, industry trends and listening to our partners’ wishes is what we do best. Another thing we do well is outlining these features in an easy-to-understand way. Back in April, the company announced its new release of SMS. After a successful beta period, the team released V6.4 of PBXware and gloCOM. The release included the new MMS feature which allows partners to send and receive MMS through both gloCOM and gloCOM GO. MMS (multimedia messaging service) is an enhancement to the standard SMS message. One of the main differences between SMS and MMS is that users can send multimedia such as videos, pictures, audio clips, GIFs, etc., in their messages. With MMS, users can send up to 1,000 characters in one message, which is more than the standard SMS. Start sending your texts in style, and by style, we mean with pictures. THE VALUE SMS and MMS are both alternative options to the traditional chat function that achieve faster communication. In fact, the open rate for SMS/MMS is as high as 98 percent! Having the ability to send visual content is a highly effective way of keeping others informed on time-sensitive information. Selling telecommunications is all about creating brand awareness. Implementing an audio-visual component to your service is extremely attractive for your customers. The more captivated a person is by a message, the more likely they will engage and respond to it. Resulting in more clicks, higher engagement and better leads. The ultimate selling point with MMS is the ability to utilize a unified communication application with all the services in a single application. Consider these findings from various research firms as presented by ● 40% of North American marketers say mobile payments is the most disruptive consumer behavior to come with mobile’s rise ● 65% of brands do NOT have any strategy in place for bulk messaging ● 73% of SMBs expect their SMS budget to increase in 2022 ● In 2020, 48.7 million people chose to receive SMS from businesses And now for a testimonial from a Bicom Systems Partner: “Ever since SMS started in the VoIP services, we had a missing piece of SMS in our service offerings. It was a tough situation with the competition. Bicom Systems helped us overcome this BIG PAIN in 2021!” Does your provider offer SMS or MMS? In the telecom industry, you always need the latest unified communications solutions. Contact our sales team today if you are looking to switch to a provider that offers more flexibility and scalability. o Say Hello. +1 (647) 313 1515 The Value in Adding MMS 2022 Directory | CHANNELV ISION 71