2022 Directory | CHANNELV ISION 75 Since its establishment in 2013, BluLogix believes that the future of channel delivery is a connected ecosystem – the whole greater than the sum of its parts. The company provides intelligent subscription services to streamline one’s billing operations. With its data-informed approach, BluLogix believes that it allows organizations to bring together disparate information sources to transform data into revenue and remain competitive. Recently, ChannelVision sat down with Tim Cook, the founder and chief strategy officer of BluLogix, to talk about the company’s unique vision in building the channel. ChannelVision: As you look out over the next two years, how much are you expecting to build over the channel? Tim Cook: It’s not an easy question to answer. We know the channel is evolving and that building renewable and repeatable business requires taking a good long look at how your company is currently delivering to market. In the last 18 months, we’ve seen major economic shifts moving digital business to “everything as a service.” As most offerings move to consumption and usage as-a-service, flexibility and creativity in packaging and a marketplace to deliver those offerings isn’t a nice-tohave, it’s a must, which means that a stable and extensible infrastructure is necessary to open channel opportunities that were once a dream. The evolving model looks like a partner building an ecosystem and defining the connective tissue that delivers value and thus predictable revenue over time. There is an opportunity to engage, participate and take in multiple sources and solution providers, and package [them] in a way the market wants to consume. CV: As the channel evolves, how imperative is it to invest in partners and enable them to adapt and scale? TC: Customers typically look to us when they have billing problems. Any time a customer has anything to measure or monetize, that’s where we shine. Sometimes this extends at the provider level beyond billing to other aspects such as provisioning, automation and contract management. CV: How does one move more business through the channel? TC: Everything needs to surface out of a portal. Whether it’s a customer-facing or a partner portal, if the capabilities aren’t there and you can’t extend functionality into it, then you’re losing an opportunity to capture the value and deliver it to the customer. The channel is so important for meeting customer demand. What we see right now is a big gap between what the providers offer and what the customer wants. Unfortunately, stuck in the middle is the channel partner who is ill-equipped to take these services to repackage them, bundle them, create value and deliver it to the customer through their owned marketplace. The customers are the ones that demand a channel comes into play to address these needs. After all, they can’t do it themselves. They cannot manage across dozens of platforms to put them all together and make them work in a singular interface. It’s just not the business that they’re in. Digital marketplaces have evolved in the world today. We know that businesses want to move in this direction. That’s where our platform fits: in the middle. We take products and services from both sides, then bring them into the channel to repackage, bundle and sell them as a solution. That is really what our platform is. It’s a marketplace that addresses the customer’s unique problems, solves them, and gets them moving through their lines of business quickly and efficiently. That’s where ChannelIQ delivers on the promise of partner revenue enablement. What we’ve done is build a better ecosystem for partners to deliver to market. By providing a reliable multi-tenant platform that addresses billing and revenue management complexities, companies can deliver maximum value to their customers. They also can accelerate growth across the board through connected data, automated processes and real-time reporting, surfaced beautifully in a single platform. o For more information, visit www. BluLogix and The NextGen Channel: Drive Revenue Through Connected Data and Automated Processes BluLogix founder and chief strategy office Tim Cook PROFILE By Brady Hicks