82 CHANNELV ISION | 2022 Directory CV: What is one thing channel partners should know about Bicom Systems? We keep our partners’ needs at the forefront of our planning. What we mean by that is Bicom Systems supports our partners with their goals at every possible opportunity. Many of our features today were inspired by our partners’ requests. We encourage partners to vote and follow the progress of feature requests on our Productboard account, utilize our private Partner Forum to discuss with other Bicom Systems partners, and participate in beta testing for new product releases. In all areas, our partners have our full support through the development of features for business success and better customer service offerings. CV: What do you consider your primary differentiation point from your nearest competitors? The primary differentiation point of Bicom Systems is that our distribution model is channel only. All our partners have total control over their business channels, to the point we don’t even know who their customers are. When you become a Bicom Systems partner, we will never be your competition. Our distribution model is one of the main reasons we still offer perpetual pricing of licenses. Partners pay for the software license up-front and have the right to use it forever. CV: What is one challenge or issue your customers face that your company addresses, and how do you do it? One of the most significant challenges our partners face is the differing needs of their own markets. We realize there is no one size fits all solution. Therefore, we aim to address the challenge by providing customizable solutions that offer the latest communications technologies and features that can be configured to fit almost any business user profile. And if it cannot, we’ve been known to customize a solution or two. Three Questions with Answers provided by Katherine Lloyd, head of sales and marketing at Bicom Systems IN LOOKING FOR THE IDEAL RESUME, YOU’VE IGNORED THE IDEAL CANDIDATE. LEARN HOW TO FIND, TRAIN AND CULTIVATE A GREAT POOL OF UNTAPPED TALENT. ACLYUPP4006_Mag_HalfPgHrz_v1b.indd 2 8/28/14 10:44 AM