Membership Matters! JOIN ACW TODAY! “Contributing to the volunteerled ACW has been the single best investment I’ve made in myself. …With the help of all the members of ACW, we can continue to create a space for women to advance their careers and take on leadership roles at the highest levels in the technology channel.” MORGAN GRANFIELD, DIGITAL REALITY “What I have loved about being a member of ACW is community. During COVID especially, we have felt a lack of community in the workplace. ACW has filled that void for me. That sense of community has been invaluable to me. Ladies, join me in the journey!” LISA MILLER, SPEARHEAD ADVISORS “Alliance of Channel Women has taken my networking to an entirely new level. When I joined in 2013, I found the caliber of women I connected with very empowering. This absolutely accelerated my growth professionally and personally. There is so much possibility here.” SU BELER, TECHNOLOGY SOURCE Advance Your Career & Elevate Channel Women For more than a decade, ACW has given channel women: Instant access to a network of likeminded tech channel professionals Opportunities for education and collaboration A platform for celebrating and advocating for channel women THANKS TO OUR GENEROUS SPONSORS DIAMOND GOLD PLATINUM SILVER Discover Why Membership Matters to You Why ACWMembership Matters to Channel Women JOIN TODAY!