For most businesses, the ability to streamline communications is vital to their lifeblood. Companies need faster, more efficient ways to connect with one and the other, their partners and customers in order to protect information, accelerate business operations, cut cost and succeed. Fusion Connect offers the types of managed communications services needed to reach those goals. “We are a managed communication service provider (MCSP), which is a little different than a traditional MSP,” said Fusion Connect senior vice president, marketing and corporate communications, George Schoenstein. “MSPs are usually more generic and offer varied services, not just core communications. That’s a big piece for us.” With solutions that include connectivity, managed SD-WAN, managed Wi-Fi and traditional hosted voice services such as VoIP, Fusion Connect can provide tailored, flexible and reliable services to streamline processes. With the launch of Operator Connect Calling Services for Microsoft Teams environments, Fusion Connect enables clients to take full advantage of their Microsoft 365 platform. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Fusion Connect works to help midmarket and enterprise organizations connect more applications – and the people who use them – around the world. Just ask The Jiffy Lube Association of Franchisees Purchasing Co-Op, which recently announced it will roll out a Fusion Connect stack at all retail store locations. “We’re seeing significant convergence on Microsoft’s ecosystem,” said Schoenstein. “Many companies have multiple platforms to address specific needs. With a massive shift toward Microsoft and its collaboration features, now so many are eliminating other UCaaS options in favor of it.” Fusion Connect’s services focus on (a) how teams interact and collaborate, (b) platform availability/accessibility and (c) enabling connectivity. Whether you’re talking about software to drive a retail restaurant environment, point-of-sale tech or fulfilling client needs in some other way, Fusion Connect believes it has the answer. Consider, for example, the growing reliance on kiosks to automate food services. With this development, Schoenstein noted that clients report a 30 to 50 percent uptick in customer spending. “By tailoring solutions to meet business, IT or even industry needs, we can come in and quickly plug in those solutions for clients,” said Schoenstein. “They get implemented quicker, are typically more cost effective and provide faster ROI.” Of course, that’s just part of the plan. Fusion Connect also promises an unprecedented service guarantee: next-generation services for both 100 percent satisfaction for installations (including meeting timelines) and service availability, based on automation. With this technology, the company streamlines processes, making them easier to implement and use while avoiding common bottlenecks. “Lots of companies promise 99.99-something percent service guarantees,” he noted. “Our 100 percent applies to many areas, including calling services for Microsoft Teams.” And ultimately, this assists with Fusion Connect’s support services. Heading into 2023, Fusion Connect is proud of its differentiators. The company is one of the few Operator Connect providers with “goportable” coverage in North America (with plans for Europe, Latin America and Asia to follow). Fusion Connect’s solutions offer both resiliency and redundancy to allow for failover when Teams is down. Finally, Fusion Connect has a history of speeding process automation. “Through our portal, clients can easily manage calling services,” said Schoenstein. “Microsoft admins can go to our site and, in two clicks, run a trial without even talking to us. Users can provision numbers with some limitations on the number of calls they can do. In two to three minutes, they’re up and running. And, it helps to cut cost by eliminating some hardware.” Some businesses use a patchwork of competitors, Schoenstein continued. “We feel like we’ve brought it all together with some additional features we’re not even seeing from other providers.” As it continues to grow, Fusion Connect plans to help more businesses thrive on a global scale, allowing them to communicate and collaborate in new ways they probably never imagined. For more information on Fusion Connect and its managed communications services, visit or call (888) 301-1721. Fusion Connect Takes Managed Communications Services to the Next Level Fusion Connect SVP George Schoenstein By Brady Hicks 2023 Directory | CHANNELV ISION 65