NRS Pitches ‘Game Changer’ for Retailers By Gerald Baldino I ndependent retailers today have enough on their plates without having to worry about managing complicated credit card payment systems. Yet, for many small business owners, credit card processing can be very costly and complex — meaning there’s a clear opportunity at hand for channel partners to step in and provide support. Enter IDT subsidiary National Retail Solutions (NRS), offering low-rate, honest credit card processing. The service, NRS PAY, allows retailers to process all major credit cards plus EBT, providing end-to-end payment processing and support. NRS PAY provides retailers with two clean-rate plans to choose from; both with a free credit card reader, without the pressure of long-term contracts, early termina- tion fees or hidden charges. “Credit card processing is one of the biggest expenses — and headaches — for businesses today,” explained NRS founder and president Elie Y. Katz. “NRS PAY is instilling confidence in a time when merchants are trying to tighten their belts and pad their bottom lines.” NRS has been generating a consid- erable amount of buzz as of late. One fan of NRS PAY is Hall of Fame former pitcher Mariano Rivera, who has agreed to promote NRS PAY on televi- sion, radio and social media. “I’m thrilled to be representing an honest credit card processing company that offers solutions that have the potential to help businesses sustain growth,” Rivera stated. “Trust is everything. NRS PAY is chang- ing the credit card processing business ... Someone had to!” In addition to credit card processing, NRS also offers a feature-rich point of sale bundle, developed specifically for independent convenience, liquor, tobacco and hardware stores, plus NRS PETRO for gas stations. The NRSplus point of sale bundle includes a large, sleek merchant touchscreen and customer-facing display, receipt printer, barcode scanner, sturdy cash drawer and credit card reader provided at no charge with NRS PAY credit card processing. In addition to the standard POS offering, retailers can choose from an assortment of optional, subscription-based premium features. “Our point of sale solution is feature rich and offers a lot of great upside, including healthy residuals for distribu- tors and channel partners,” Katz explained. “We’re constantly improv- ing on those residuals and creating features to help the pockets of our channel partners. We’re also doing a tremendous amount of deployments right now, launching about 1,300 point of sale registers per quarter, nationwide.” According to Katz, NRS is actively looking for hungry channel partners to help spread the word about its groundbreaking retail solutions. “We’re generating a lot of notoriety, as one of the fastest- growing ISOs in the U.S. and soon to be payment facilitator (PayFac),” Katz continued. “We’re also expanding into the gas station market for pump EMV compliance and minimart POS integration, providing yet another avenue for revenue generation.” With NRS, Katz explained, channel partners can join a partner-friendly organization that’s committed to doing business fairly and supporting its team members every step of the way. “The way we do business is very honest and transparent, which sets us apart in the industry,” Katz said. “Plus, we offer a product that’s helping hard-working mom and pop retailers. So as a partner, you’ll be getting paid what you’re supposed to, without any monkey business, while also helping small businesses that need all the support they can get.” o ® BUYERS SIDE Hall of Fame pitcher Mariano Rivera 14 CHANNEL VISION | September - October, 2020