AT YOUR SERVICE: XaaS Pumping the Brakes onTeams Migrations T here continues to be widespread migra- tion to unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) in the wake of COVID-19, with Microsoft Teams emerging as a clear market leader. Yet, all is not well in the UC&C space, as businesses are rushing into Teams migra- tions without fully considering the short and long- term implications, such as the risk of becoming path dependent. For insight, we turned to Mike Nowak, who is vice president of sales at nexVortex, a BCM One Group Holdings company and a leading SIP trunking provider that’s helping companies transition to Teams through a controlled rollout process. “Moving to a UC&C platform is significant and should not be taken lightly,” explained Nowak. “Agents are getting bombarded with Teams opportu- nities, but in my opinion, most organizations are not ready for it.” Teams isn’t something that you can snap in and expect to cure everything, Nowak warned. “There’s too many call flows that you must address, and you need to have a migration strategy in place. But the platform is taking the industry by storm, and people need to be ready for it.” As Nowak explained, a Teams migration can pose significant integration issues. “We’ve seen many examples where execu- tives want to move forward with Teams, and the person that’s actually going to implement it is terri- fied because they’re aware of missing functions and features in the platform,” Nowak said. “And so, they’re in a pickle, because there’s a whole new decision- making force coming in that’s not relevant or related nexVortex urges businesses to proceed with caution when exploring MicrosoftTeams By Gerald Baldino 18 CHANNEL VISION | September - October, 2020