38 W ith its 17th anniversary on the horizon, the team at Bicom Systems is reflect - ing on the past year and talking about plans for the future. A leader in advanced communications technology, Bicom Systems stands out from the rest by customizing solutions to meet unique partner needs. Having thrived during the pandemic thanks to a unified communications solution that can be used anywhere, Bicom Systems has big plans to continue supporting new and exist- ing partners to grow their businesses with communications and more in their many unique ventures. “I believe our products bring us closer in the virtual world, especially with current conditions,” said Aida Jamak, Bicom Systems head of products. “Even if the pandemic is resolved tomorrow, remote work is probably here to stay. We will likely never go fully back to how things were. There will be some new norms, and it will probably include remote work. “The Bicom Systems product portfolio,” she contin - ued, “supports that.” After all, business and customer connec- tions have become disconnected and impersonal in today’s COVID-19 world. This disconnect reinforces the need for products and services to make communications more effective. Bicom Systems serves the enterprise, SMB and govern- ment sectors with a combination of open standards-based telephony and its own telecom management software, creating a customized offer. “We focus on three things: your business, your brand and your way,” added Bicom Systems sales and marketing director, Stephen Wingfield. “We’re taking these tools, and we’re working with our partners to help them build their own infrastructure, take their own offer to the market and own their own customers.” This level of customization is part of what makes Bicom Systems stand out among the rest. Jamak said, “SERVERware is basically the only virtualization platform in the world that’s dedicated to and optimized for total communications. We have something that is very unique.” Specifically, Bicom Systems’ SERVERware is the only virtualization platform dedicated to hosting voice and unified communications. In the latest update, SERVERware V4.1 added a Geo-Redundancy feature. While virtu- alization platforms and the GR feature are available from other manufactur- ers, the company believes that nobody targets communications in quite the same way. Communications media is far more sensitive than data, millisec- onds matter not waiting on two extra clicks. With this technology, critical data is stored on disparate cloud servers, thus virtually eliminating downtime. What’s more, Bicom System also offers unified communications tools, such as gloCOM and gloCOM GO, desktop and mobile UC applications. On top of that, gloCOM Meeting supports video collaboration. Version 6.4 of these apps supports local recording, a mute-all function, and SMS and MMS elements for PBXware and gloCOM alike. “It’s about helping our customers do things under their own brand, their own way,” continued Wingfield. “How they use our tools is more flexible than what they would get from competitors. We have applications to have a direct experience, with voice, chat and media that are particularly feature- rich to businesses’ needs and tied together very tightly.” With so many exciting develop- ments, Bicom Systems is excited to turn the page to 2022, embracing a new year that it believes will be more partner-focused than ever. This past year Bicom Systems launched its Partners Forum. This platform is exclu- sive to Bicom Systems partners, giving them a channel to discuss issues and successes. The company also unveiled its new Status Page, which gives partners access to real-time updates in the event of an outage or service disruption. And as the world changes for the better, so too does Bicom Systems. The company has embraced a culture that is as diverse as it is productive. For example, its commitment to gender equality has translated into a remark- able 67 percent of its executives and 36 percent of its workforce being women. With its strong, progressive policies, Bicom Systems sees itself as well- positioned in the constantly changing corporate environment. “Our lives are more complicated every day,” said Wingfield, “with businesses finding that they are, in effect, a contact center. The tools that we provide bring huge potential for growth.” o PROFILE By Brady Hicks Bicom Systems Celebrates 17 Years with New Focus on Connectivity Bicom System’s Stephen Wingfield Bicom System’s Aida Jamak CORE COMMUNICATIONS CHANNEL V ISION | Fall 2021