S ince its launch in 1994, Headset Advisor has been ahead of its time. The family- owned business embraces a value-added reseller model to offer the latest in hands-free devices from the major manufacturers, as well as the accompanying services to support those purchases throughout the entire product lifecycle. “After 16 years in corporate Ameri - ca, I just wanted to do something on my own,” smiled company founder and CEO, Doug Merritt, noting that he settled on headsets because he identi- fied a need as the internet grew. But while Merritt felt that the units would increase in importance, he could not have possibly ever foreseen his own company’s expansive growth with massive increases in remote collabora- tion more than 25 years later. “Customers that go through us have access to a one-stop source that’s an expert in the space,” noted Headset Advisor vice president, Drew Merritt. “Rather than ordering a Logitech or a Jabra headset, you can go to one source for everything.” Unlike some of its more well-known competitors, Headset Advisor provides a single point of contact for not just buying major brand-name products but also gaining accompanying advisory, pre-sales, sales, support and upgrade services. Plus, the company also offers options for certified refurbished products and monthly equip- ment rentals. “If you order on Amazon, you’re not going to get much service,” Drew continued. “You’re going to get a box delivered to the door, and that’s where it ends. You contact Amazon, they’re going to tell you to reach out to the manufacturer if you need help. That’s not us. We help you every step of the way.” Plus, Headset Advisor collaborates with integrators and service providers to address all aspects of fulfillment. “That’s our main value proposi- tion to the channel,” added presi - dent, David Merritt. “Most providers don’t offer headsets to complement their services. Whether it’s because headsets distract them from recurring revenue or their service objectives, or maybe they’re just not familiar with them, or they don’t think they can make money on headsets, it just doesn’t matter.” To complement this purpose, Headset Advisor also is content to share what it accumulates. “We’re trying to get the news to our partners that they can actually also make money on headsets. That’s an option,” added David Merritt. “If you refer your customers to Headset Advisor, you can earn a commis- sion without having to do any of the work. So, the customer gets a better experience, the partner gets paid, and everybody wins.” “They get paid not only on that upfront order, but on subsequent orders,” added vice president of sales, Dustin Merritt. “For the lifetime that their customer purchases headsets from us, they’re getting month- ly checks.” And that money, the company founder noted, quickly adds up. “What we call mailbox money can surprisingly become quite a sum,” said Doug Merritt. “Customers that need 100 headsets, a thousand headsets, they’re getting a portion of that sale.” To Headset Advisor, though, most customers do not care about the details. Their main concern is that the company continues to provide high levels of customer service. In that regard, Headset Advisor sees its personalized, one-on-one approach to interactions as far more important than any other area. “They get in touch with a real human. That’s really what we’re selling,” said Drew Merritt. “You’re getting a person, and they’re saving you tons of time spent researching online and what-not. Whether you call, email or live chat with us, we offer the personalized experience that’s missing these days. “Talk to a human,” he continued. “Technology can be good or bad. But we have the knowledge, and we can guide you the right way.” o PROFILE Headset Advisor Brings Personalized Touch to the Hands-Free Experience 40 CHANNEL V ISION | Fall 2021 Headset Advisors CEO & founder Doug Merritt CORE COMMUNICATIONS