56 The telecommunications sector witnesses change almost by the day. To keep up with this constant flux, organizations require a marriage of technical expertise and technological development. As a leading telecom and technology firm, Telstra presents tools and services covering programmable networks, cloud solutions, mobility and enterprise collaboration, among other areas. Recently, ChannelVision sat down with Telstra America’s vice president of customer success, Eric Dalessio, to discuss how Telstra is uniquely positioned to address changes in the telecom industry. ChannelVision: The telco industry is moving and transforming faster than we’ve ever seen. What challenges does this present for providers in terms of creating seamless customer service? Eric Dalessio: Businesses today have enough challenges. The network solutions they choose or the providers they work with shouldn’t be added to that list. Our customers are among the fastest, most innovative and disruptive in the world, and we need to match their speed and ambition. That’s why we’re regularly changing and pivoting to meet customers’ changing needs. We’ve simplified our service approach, from engagement and billing to pricing and communications. It’s holistic, encompassing service, delivery and incident-response management. Our decisions are based on delivering the best customer outcomes. CV: What digital tools and processes has Telstra developed to enhance its services approach? ED: We’ve done a lot of work to digitize, automate and simplify our operations. We’re working to digitize up to 90 percent of our transactions to help do business with us and reduced the time needed to provision and service customers. We’re making good progress with this, including introducing digital ordering. This means, for example, that we can now provision IP and Ethernet private line components in minutes instead of days. But we still have a full-service, hands-on team of account support and project managers to work with customers from start to finish. Even in digitizing, the human element remains a critical part of our customer relationships. CV: Any other technology or services to highlight? ED: One recent option is Telstra Connect, an online portal for customers to check provisioning status, open tickets with our network operations centers and monitor their network. They can interact with us without having to pick up the phone, although that’s still an option, and can more easily and quickly get real-time updates and data. CV: Entering 2023, what are some key growth areas? ED: We’ve identified the financial, broadcast and technology/satellite segments. Professionals in financial markets are constantly looking for lowerlatency connectivity to large exchanges. In high-frequency trading environments, success comes down to making decisions in milliseconds. The Telstra Octagon global network for high-frequency trading environments is one example of how we’ve adapted our core assets – our subsea cable network – into a specific market-focused solution. Broadcast is another market where distributing content across a reliable global platform is essential. Telstra is a global partner for U.S. broadcasters, supporting major events. We’re looking to increase our broadcast services in 2023. Finally, satellite technology can transform global connectivity, creating new business opportunities, revenue streams and audiences. Operators must work with telcos to meet the need for global data connectivity; many still face barriers to market entry. Operators can benefit from telcos’ existing critical ground infrastructure to reduce cost and personnel need, helping develop, install and maintain terrestrial infrastructure. CV: What do you want to communicate to the channel about working with Telstra? ED: Enterprise customers turn to telcos for customized network services that meet and future-proof need. We want to partner with our customers. Not just as a supplier but as someone they can rely on as an expert. We’re evolving our portfolio of network services – from adaptive networks to programmable networks to managed network services teams – helping them increase productivity and efficiency. Customers don’t have to face challenges alone. They can look to Telstra and its partners to develop a plan for long-term success. o For more information on Telstra, visit By Brady Hicks CORE COMMUNICATIONS Telstra Lends Technology, Expertise to Changing Telecom Needs Telstra VP Eric Dalessio CHANNELV ISION | SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2022