CORE COMMUNICATIONS 58 CHANNELV ISION | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2023 Telecom spending can be problematic. There’s the ever-shifting demand that comes with scaling. There’s the need to keep up with purchases as equipment and services get older. And there are almost daily changes as the technology behind your gear evolves. That’s where NTS Direct can help. NTS is a full-channel, boutique distributor for many of the telecommunications products that fuel telephony. With a line card focus, the company services resellers, service providers, MSPs and integrators, partnering to provide access to hardware, software and service products to support their end users. “We call ourselves a distributor with benefits,” said NTS Direct president, Ammar Rezek, “because we offer competitive displacements. We offer trade-in and trade-up, refurbished products and repair services. We offer fulfillments and reverse logistics. Basically, all of the things that most distributors don’t offer, in addition to fulfillments.” NTS Direct has a history of working with noteworthy manufacturers such as Avaya, Yealink, NEC Corporation, Grandstream Networks, Fanvil Technology and TP-Link Technologies, among others, offering complete solutions. To promote fulfillment, NTS Direct boasts a 72-acre campus, including a 300,000-square-foot warehouse, complete with a lab staffed by NTS engineers focused on distribution services that set it apart. Having this facility allows NTS Direct to carry more inventory than many of its rivals, in addition to supporting virtual warehouses for online clients. The firm collaborates with large service providers to provision massive amounts of gear at a scale unknown to most competitive distributors. “We’re not just selling a keyboard or peripherals,” added NTS Direct vice president, Chris Turcotte. “We’re fulfilling million-dollar solutions. Our floor-planning services are essential for our enterprise-sized opportunities. We invoice them for it, but the equipment stays here. We drop shipments as needed. Our customers don’t have to take in all the inventory, and we still get the deal done. Everything we sell is aligned with additional products from our product catalog. Solution selling is the name of the game. With branding and services, NTS is a one-stop shop to build an entire solution from scratch.” And the potential is widespread. Cloud and hosted PBX represent potential growth, as do other newer, core areas within the networking and Wi-Fi space where managed switches, access points and routers take on new meaning on more than just telephony. And in a world often fueled by remote and hybrid work, equipment once taken for granted, such as headsets, assume new significance. It’s all part of the natural evolution of the landscape. “Ten years ago, it was an ITSP world,” said Rezek, “selling hosted cloud and telephones to go with it. Today we’re trying to turn these ITSPs into MSPs by adding networking, Wi-Fi and switching. Adding headsets and adding security. Door phones, indoor and outdoor stations. These are the things we’re expanding on.” NTS Direct’s goal is to help customers expand their own businesses with the products that it sees as important in the coming years, and complementing those capabilities with competitive displacement, trade-in and trade-up programs, provisioning and asset management. And, moving forward, it plans to continue growing its brand by reaching deeper into the channel by (a) becoming the largest networking boutique distributor and (b) moving switches, access points and other equipment through its new, streamlined website. “We want to get really good at what we’re already doing,” said Turcotte. “Focusing on new ideas that are initiated by our partners – the manufacturers. What are they working on? We’re spending a lot of time aligning with them on what the market’s bearing or what they’re creating, and we’re trying to absorb the majority of that market share as they come to market.” New registrants that purchase $500 or more on their first order at https:// will receive a $20 Amazon virtual gift card. Just enter the promo code “WELCOME2023.” o For more information, call (877) 483-5393. By Brady Hicks NTS Direct Can Take Your Telco Investment to the Next Level NTS VP Chris Turcotte