60 CHANNELV ISION | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2023 As we embrace the new year and all of its potential, it’s an exciting time for Snom, its partners and customers. Recently we’ve witnessed the debut of our brand new Snom Rewards Program. With this initiative, our allies in the channel are discovering many new and exciting benefits. Then, there’s the new M500 Pro Series. This collection of devices is designed with a new focus on call integrity, mobility and security. Check them out today to see how M500 could take your office calling to an entirely new level. And – coincidentally – the M500 Pro Series is one of several options available through Snom Rewards! Get Reimbursed Faster and Easier Is the constant need for hardware management/upkeep getting your clients down? Wouldn’t you like a new way to cost effectively present them with options to replace outdated equipment with the newest Snom options in the field? And maybe even make some coin for yourself? Through Snom Rewards, partners stand to make better gains on their sales of Snom hardware. This program – which replaces our previous rebate program – presents newer and greater ways to make gains on sales. Eligible transactions are seamlessly converted into quantifiable “rewards,” which can be cashed in for a prepaid gift card. The best part? This card is reloadable at any time, as rewards points pile up! Contact or visit to register and get more information, full details and terms and conditions. New Year, Newer Calling Among the roster of eligible Snom Rewards products is our lineup of cutting-edge M500 Pro Series calling devices. And sometimes, less IS more. With the M500 series, there’s an emphasis on taking up less physical space while offering new and improved options for call integrity, mobility and security. The smaller form factor of the new M55 cordless phone, M58 DECT desk handset and M500 Pro DECT multi-cell base station is balanced by many new features to take office calling to the next level. And, they’re designed to work hand-in-hand with one another, as the two phones are custom-crafted to interoperate with their base station sibling. What sets interactions on these products apart from competitive offerings? There are features to streamline installation and maintain updates, including over-the-air refreshes that limit manual changes. Plus – improved call capacity with support for pairing two base stations and as many as 16 handsets on the same network. There’s seamless handover to prevent dropped calls. And with support for Bluetooth, virtually unlimited office mobility can become reality. Other key features include: • M58 Desk Phone – Eschews traditional Ethernet connections, allowing it to be placed virtually anywhere, in-network. Five-inch LCD display with 24 programmable keys (eight physical). Single-button paging to blast announcements to networked devices. Other dedicated buttons for intercom, hold and other functions. • M55 Wireless Handset – Employs wireless DECT to bolster call integrity and security. LCD color display (2.4”) framed by six backlit programmable LED keys. Access to both networkshared (500 entries) and private (200 entries) directories. Paging for in-network devices. Nineteen hours of battery talk time. o For more information on these and other releases, visit www. Unlock Potential with New Snom Rewards Program, M500 Pro Series M58 DECT Desk Phone