At a time when many companies were forced to cut back, Telesystem has found new growth. This channel-driven provider of communications, collaboration, networking, infrastructure and security tools continues to move forward, announcing new developments and acquisitions that only thrust its presence in the market to new levels of success. The company began operations as an Ohio-based fiber provider in 1994, spinning off as the commercial telecommunications services arm of its sister company, Buckeye Broadband. It was not until the 2014 acquisition of LSI Line Systems that Telesystem would organically build out its network and launch nationwide. Among competitive stack providers and aggregators, Telesystem offers a robust, nationwide network that chief revenue officer Bruce Wirt believes “can meet the most demanding needs in the small and medium enterprise customer, from a product and serviceability standpoint.” Its focus, Wirt emphasizes, is in that multi-site, multi-product area where customers place high value on a completely managed solution. “Coming out of the pandemic, some smaller service providers and resellers have had trouble surviving in the economic conditions,” said the executive. “We had the opportunity to acquire some of them and really scale our business. To find people looking to exit the business and absorb their customers into our infrastructure, that’s a win for Telesystem, and a great move for both parties.” Enter Telesystem’s past-year purchases of Abacus Group and VoxNet. “It’s not just what the metrics say – should we go out and acquire this?” explained Telesystem chief operating officer, Denton Parson. “We retained the customer-facing aspects of those relationships, which is sometimes unique in an acquisition. It brings value,” Parson said, referring to Telesystem continuing an agency relationship with the former parent organization of VoxNet. According to Parson, these companies “had important relationships with customers that we didn’t interrupt. We felt we could add value on the backend and build forward strategy off of that base.” To remain competitive in the market, of course, requires such a degree of forward thinking. For Telesystem, this charge is led by aggressive advances in services inside a customer’s building, such as Wi-Fi Engagement and Analytics, IoT (internet of things) and other tech developments. “We carved out a niche,” continued Wirt. “For example, we created a platform – through partnerships – to monetize your Wi-Fi infrastructure. It helps customers understand traffic patterns in their businesses. Think about casinos – what slot machines or tables are people visiting the most? What time of day? Think about retail – without logging into a store’s Wi-Fi, just using Bluetooth radio signals, you can understand where people are going, and when.” Telesystem focuses on a complete, managed experience that comes down to a very connected process, from initial customer contact to service delivery team connection, all the way through the ultimate deployment. As a service-first operation, Parson believes that Telesystem’s involvement in large and small projects alike puts it in a unique position. “Through service delivery, then when it comes to support,” he said, “we can marshal the resources you need.” At its heart, after all, is an organization that cares. By focusing on that personalized touch, both in their relationships with customers and in building their national partner channel, Telesystem is in a unique position. “How do we create the same experience and feel [as a smaller company], but build a national or maybe even international brand,” asked Wirt, “leaving customers feeling like we care more than the next person? It starts at the top: with culture.” Moving forward, the Telesystem team has a lot of enthusiasm as it continues to enhance its sales operations, add to its national roster of retail channel managers assigned to its brokers and grow its overall presence. “Above all else, it’s important to simplify the lives of our customers,” said Parson. “Give them confidence to focus on their core business through our offerings. “And we’re excited,” he concluded. “Much more to come.” For more information on Telesystem and its unique portfolio, partner opportunities, free quotes and more, visit o PROFILE TELESYSTEM CONTINUES TO EXPLORE NEWWAYS TO REDEFINE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Bruce Wirt, Telesystem CRO Denton Parson, Telesystem COO CHANNEL MANAGEMENT By Brady Hicks 34 CHANNELV ISION | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2022