48 Inteliquent, a Sinch company, is growing in ways it never could have envisioned. Since its December 2021 acquisition by Sinch, this top name for empowering communications for enterprises and service providers is now also backed by one of the major platforms for mobile providers worldwide. The combined Sinch lets businesses reach every mobile phone on the planet, in seconds or less, through mobile messaging, email, voice and video. With a leading cloud communications platform, the company looks to create more innovative CPaaS (communications platform as a service) and boosted omni-channel options. “We’re bringing businesses and people closer with tools enabling personal engagement,” said Jan Ritter, director of marketing at Inteliquent. “We’ve been dominant players in the voice and messaging space, supporting the top communications providers and tech companies. Together, we’re filling out our suite of services to be the CPaaS leader.” The end result is a revolutionary combination of cloud communications services for the enterprise, channel partner and carrier. At its core, the fundamental driver is the customer experience. Conversational Messaging has allowed Sinch to better engage customers through their preferred channel, delivering an app-like experience directly to their inboxes. And with the rollout of Sinch’s Conversation API, businesses also can now use common interfaces such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Then, there’s Contact Pro. This omni-channel cloud solution provides a unified, pay-per-use platform supporting virtually every contact center channel – whether email, chat, SMS or social messaging – and extends out-ofthe-box integration to SAP, Salesforce and ServiceNow. Plus, products such as Inteliquent’s SIP trunking, on-net phone number footprint, tollfree services with “Rapid Recovery” technology, E911 call routing and other voice services underscore the joint business’ commitment to finding ideal coverage for its customers. Paired with investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning via the purchase of the Chatlayer platform, and things are clearly coming into focus. “Inteliquent is an exceptionally strong voice provider, and Sinch is the leader in messaging,” said vice president of partner channels, Dave Pruse. “If you look at the whole product suite offered by the combined company, there’s a strong set of communication solutions hitting all the way across the board. Our product suite supports what any business might need, for any communications channel. I think it’s an impressive stack and people will be very interested.” With so many reasons to be excited, Sinch is now ready to embrace working with agents, resellers, aggregators and even software developers like never before. “With these messaging products, we’re offering a new product line in the toolbelt for them to sell,” said Pruse. “If you look at what the channel has traditionally sold to the SMB – and a small bit to the enterprise – there’s been a huge miss. Some agents own large enterprise customers, but typically it’s been smaller market stuff.” Pruse and his colleagues, however, believe this landscape is now shifting. “The products we’re bringing in,” he continued, “enable our partners to talk to the largest companies in the world. They need products, and it’s super exciting to help our partners sell up-market.” And, at its heart, Sinch is about making those connections. “With a growing trend of fully remote and hybrid workforces, enterprises are bringing people together more and more with virtual meetings,” said Ritter. “Text messaging appeals across all generations and has open rates as high as 98 percent. With Sinch, you don’t have to research different voice and messaging providers — you’ve got one company you can trust. “You’ve got one go-to partner,” she added, “to open up a world of communications.” o PROFILE Under Sinch Ownership, Inteliquent Marries Voice and Messaging Like Never Before CORE COMMUNICATIONS By Brady Hicks Dave Pruse, Inteliquent VP of partner channels Jan Ritter, Inteliquent director of marketing CHANNELV ISION | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2022