A s Ben Franklin once famously said, “In this world, nothing can be certain except death and taxes.” Unfortunately, since the days Franklin walked among us, little headway has been made in managing either. Today’s modern tax landscape can be immensely complicated, beset with confusing mandates at the federal, state and local levels, and is often defined by the sector in which one’s business resides. Plus, all of this is to say nothing of the related regulatory and corporate compliance obligations that seemingly change and grow more complicated by the year. Fortunately, APIC is here to help. A standalone product that utilizes Wolters Kluwer CCH Suretax data, APIC delivers a simplistic yet complete tax and billing system with a custom, automated approach to problematic processes such as invoicing, billing and maintaining compliance with the glut of tax laws that plague this country at every level. “Look at it this way: there are 1,932 potential tax codes here in the U.S.,” noted Brittain Lorenz, APIC’s CEO. “Now, multiply that by 41,692. That’s how many unique zip codes are in this country. The answer to that is how many individual tax options there are out there today.” Lorenz believes that the APIC service is truly a unique, affordable tool for navigating the potentially disastrous waterways of tax codes, helping to levy the appropriate and correct rate despite a sea of constant change. The software collects basic geographic and financial information from the end user, automatically searching for, converting and logging unique tax rates for invoicing purposes. “APIC handles every aspect for you,” continued Lorenz. “Instead of having to keep up with always-chang- ing regulations, it finds the applicable taxes for you, by zip code, to create custom invoices while requiring almost no work.” As a standalone product, APIC’s main feature set is its full-on billing. The application handles recurring invoicing instances in order to stream- line the tax-calculation process. By bridging the gap between tax and billing platforms, APIC provides APIs for introducing always-correct calcula- tions onto invoices, regardless of the platform or industry. Plus, the software continually searches out changes and updates the numbers to, per Lorenz, “improve efficiency and deliver outstanding value to your business.” With humble beginnings as appli- cation programming interface (API) software for connecting QuickBooks and Zoho, APIC’s software has truly evolved over time. Currently, the application includes three additional platform elements outside of the complete billing system: • QuickBooks API, for bridging SureTax and QuickBooks Online. • Zoho API, for getting proper taxation on to a versatile system. • Excel Upload, for importing/ exporting large quantities of data directly into its interface. Plus, the comprehensive, proactive system is completely industry agnos- tic. While APIC was designed for the complexities of telecom taxation, it can be applied to just about any sector or enterprise size, including those in the healthcare, education, financial, government and private segments, encompassing small, medium and expansive enterprises alike. After all, tax problems are a virtual certainty for all of us. “What really is great is that the software is simple and easy to use, regardless of your background,” said Lorenz. “You can export data, mark items as paid and scale to as granular a level as you want. It even covers VoIP charges, breaking it all down so that you don’t have to think about it. Then, with features such as recur- ring billing and invoice management, it streamlines the complicated billing process with complex taxation.” Simplicity, after all, is at the core of the product set. “It has all of the features needed,” added Lorenz, “to improve efficiency and deliver outstanding value to one’s business.” APIC includes tools to automate the complicated processes that plague today’s businesses, eliminating confusion and stress by applying the nuanced laws and financial obligations that tend to trip up even the most diligent of organizations. “Simply put, APIC makes complex taxation easy,” said Lorenz. After all, just because taxes will always be certain does not mean they always need to be problematic. o PROFILE Streamline Tax and Billing Concerns with APIC By Brady Hicks CHANNEL MANAGEMENT 34 CHANNEL V ISION | July - August 2021