Complex transactions take place every day. They can have innumerable effects on your telecommunications business and can even impact your client’s ultimate bottom line. Fortunately, Profitec Billing Services can help. Profitec provides unique invoicing solutions for telecommunications billing services at both ends, whether it’s the communications services provider (including massive national carriers, smaller organizations and resellers) or the end-user customer relying on its services every day. Anchored by its flagship OmniBill and ValuBill EM offerings, Profitec can receive, consume and process transactions; offer exception management; and produce a ledger offload that feeds directly into your own accounting system. “There are many ways to measure ROI,” said Profitec executive vice president, sales and marketing, Randy Minervino. “In virtually every instance, we found more savings in hard dollars than our service costs our clients.” It’s all part of founder, Dick Minervino’s vision. More than 40 years ago, Randy’s father left Bell Telephone to focus on telecom consulting. The elder Minervino envisioned offering critical analysis services such as call accounting, multi-site, toll-fraud and corporate traffic engineering. His ultimate plan was automating these services through data processing, call accounting and new tech developments. “If my father were with us today, he’d tell you that he started life at the top of a manhole,” said Minervino. “He got out of the Marines in 1952, getting to work as a cable splicer for the phone company, working in the bottom of manholes. After a couple of years, he got himself into sales and specialized in the insurance industry. Dad spent 10 years doing that before leaving to become an independent consultant.” His phrase, Minervino continued, “was that he could offer ‘more communications for less dollars.’” This mantra still fuels Profitec’s approach, as telecom data-processing options such as OmniBill, ValuBill EM and others grow more comprehensive amidst industry changes. For example, Profitec was employed to create locationbased invoices for AT&T, based on the carrier’s detail tape and featuring its taxing engine. This development allowed Profitec to specifically become one of the first billers to support the resale industry. “With OmniBill,” said Minervino, “we’re talking about wrapped-in technology expense-management.” OmniBill offers an operations support system (OSS) with comprehensive billing tools. Your customers can use the OmniView interface to examine and sort invoices, generate graphs and initiate tickets with the provider’s staff. OmniBill also pushes sales activities to the Omni- Agent application, which organizes and reports commissions to your sales channel. ValuBill EM, meanwhile, targets the services customer, helping to identify billing errors, zero-usage lines and other aspects a company needs to administer their business, across services or equipment. “Think about the possibilities: every location, every invoice this month,” said Minervino. “We can take and balance this month’s invoices against last month’s, looking for anomalies and statistical deviations. Balance them against physical inventory. Tell you things like, ‘Here’s stuff on your bills that is no longer in your current inventory. Here’s stuff in your inventory that’s not appearing in your invoices.’” As a monthly service, Profitec offers sophisticated, high-value billing management and support while simultaneously cutting cost. By focusing on new software developments – such as billing support for IoT – and distribution partners, it only expects to continue to expand. “If I’m an agent, I have a book of enterprise businesses that I’m agenting for other providers,” continued Minervino. “I have a tool I can sell to my customer. They receive the residual commission and have access to the tools to provide alternative solutions, based on the products and services that they have to sell.” Because, ultimately, Profitec makes billing easier on everyone. o For more information on Profitec and its OmniBill, ValuBill EM and other offerings, visit www.profitecbillingsolutions. com or call (800) 360-1910. PROFILE Profitec Streamlines Telecom Billing for Provider AND Customer CORE COMMUNICATIONS By Brady Hicks O O O O O Profitec’s Randy Minervino 60 CHANNELV ISION | JULY - AUGUST 2022