THE Communications STACK ProviderTM We Obsess About the Partner & Customer Experience Partners choose to sell our STACKTM because they trust us, and their customers tell them they trust us too! Customers don’t leave us, and that consistent revenue stream is what partners need. Partners appreciate our sales support teams; we help you get to “yes” faster. Partners and customers really appreciate the professionalism and expertise of our operations organization from project managers to 100% stateside, 7/24/365 support. They get it installed, billed correctly, and fixed if it breaks. Scan here to watch how we STACK™! | @stackNHC Paul Seeley, Senior Vice President Need Proof? Ask a Partner Sandler Partners is NHC’s fastest growing Strategic Partner. We are very proud to be a supplier to the Sandler Partners Community and their 9,000+ partners. Sandler Partners is America’s fastest growing technology solutions brokerage and distributor of connectivity and cloud services. End users benefit from their 360° industry awareness – always up on who is performing best by price, service, and feature set. “As a leader in network aggregation, NHC o ers a very hands-on, white-glove experience from pre-sales to post-sales, with an executive team that is also very much engaged with day-to-day business. Their pricing is extremely competitive, and they pay very well! I urge all of you to give them a shot!” YEARS