Successful businesses today are increasingly agile and mobile. They need networks that can keep pace and keep them secure. Enter CyberReef. CyberReef invented a way to do just that. The company created MobileWall, the industry’s first patented mobile firewall, to collapse the time it takes – anywhere from six to eight months – to get a private, safe mobile network up and running. “In some cases, we can now get a secure mobile network up and running in a day,” said CyberReef CEO Hilton Nicholson. “MobileWall is easily deployed, without requiring any sort of client software, regardless of whether using a phone, tablet, router or Wi-Fi hotspot.” MobileWall also solves other critical business challenges: replacing unsecured wireless connections with end-to-end encryption and reducing data usage and costs by 50 to 70 percent. The cloud-based MobileWall service enables secure, on-demand mobile private networking and bandwidth management for businesses, governments and educational institutions. MobileWall gives customers unprecedented security, visibility and control over their private mobile networks. The company got its start in securing private mobile networks and has since expanded MobileWall to support additional applications, such as secure remote access for mobile workers, secure IoT for machine-to-machine communications and unlimited wireless failover for business continuity. CyberReef also has added functionality to better manage data for regulatory compliance, productivity and cost savings. For example, MobileWall enables organizations to filter or block content. Businesses can take these actions to ensure that employees are not spending time streaming videos, lower data usage and costs, or comply with industry or government regulations. CyberReef has developed MobileWall for Education, with filtered Internet in compliance with the Children’s Information Protection Act (CIPA) and MobileWall for Healthcare, with data privacy controls for compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In an industry first, MobileWall also can throttle applications rather than block them outright. This control comes in handy when employees need access to data-hogging apps. For example, suppose workers need to access a streaming site such as YouTube for training or research. In that case, MobileWall can throttle the video from high definition down to standard definition to save on data usage costs. “Normally, you can get high definition on whatever device you’re using,” said Nicholson. “We force everything down to standard definition to cut your data use significantly without blocking access to vital content and applications.” With the rise in work from home, content filtering and app throttling is even more important than ever. “Nobody wants to be big brother,” said Rachel Turkus, senior vice president of sales and marketing at CyberReef. “But companies don’t really want to pay for employees to watch Reels or TikTok during the day. Our system can throttle or block during specific hours too, allowing employers to have focus during the workday.” 100% Channel-Driven CyberReef sells MobileWall services solely through indirect sales channels. Initially, the company partnered with wireless carriers to speed up their time to deployment. More recently, CyberReef has launched a channel program for agents and VARs that want to help their clients with the challenges of agile and secure networking. “For the last 10 years, CyberReef has been built around carriers and how carriers do business,” said Turkus, a technology channel industry veteran. “Partners are going to take us into the future.” CyberReef has built a Partner Success Team to guide channel allies through product training and sales, even helping them close their first two transactions. In addition, sales engineering experts help partners with technical aspects of deployments. “We’ve made it super easy for partners to get started,” said Turkus. “Our MobileWall Plus bundles offer everything customers need for popular applications such as secure remote access and wireless failover for one affordable monthly subscription. Partners sell it, and we do the rest.” o For more information on CyberReef, its portfolio and channel opportunities, visit, email or call (877) 619-6919. PROFILE CyberReef Delivers Secure, Smart Mobile Networks – Fast By Brady Hicks CYBER PATROL CyberReef SVP Rachel Turkus 30 CHANNELV ISION | MARCH - APRIL 2022