Infiflex was launched in 2010 as a small services provider in India with modest dreams. Today, it has evolved into a global firm with 200-plus employees, more than 7,000 clients and a footprint spanning India, Singapore and the U.S. Already a top-three Google Premier Partner overseas and a Microsoft Tier-1 Gold Partner, Infiflex has expanded its flagship platforms over time to create GIFFY, the rapid app-development tool and CHEKIN, the secure authentication app. Now, it plans to create a stronghold in the U.S. market. According to Infiflex U.S. marketing leader, Juan Botero, “Our vision is to build a United States headquarters. It’s huge because we live in an era where companies are leaving the U.S., looking for reduction in human resource cost.” To lead this expansion, the company partnered with tech veterans Greg Forrest and Ron Cole, plus Botero. Today, Infiflex is a multi-time Google award winner. Current aims include establishing new investments, remaining active in corporate development and working alongside partners as frequently as possible. “Whatever technology you need to support your company’s growth, you can deploy with GIFFY,” said Botero, noting it can also be run in Microsoft Azure and AWS environments. “There are no limitations. And that’s great news for small businesses.” With GIFFY and CHEKIN, Infiflex is seeking to simultaneously help midmarket businesses scale and protect themselves as necessary. Using the GIFFY framework, businesses can develop applications in short duration with minimal-to-no coding. The platform employs Google Cloud to create an abstraction over the core platform and supports a model-driven rather than a traditional development-cycle approach. CHEKIN, meanwhile, offers secure authentication to reduce login burden. The software lets customers sign in using their Google accounts, while including IP restriction, user bypassing, OU-based restrictions, signature setup and device registration features, among others. “I was a software developer before starting Infiflex,” recalled founder and president Jude Mohanty. “I noticed developers do the same work over and over and not work to make complex tasks simple. That’s why I created Infiflex. We make things simple. The name of our company comes from ‘Infinite Flexibility,’ and that is what we accomplish for our customers.” As smaller firms emerge from COVID-19, Infiflex believes it is uniquely positioned to capitalize on its two-channel strategy: • Direct Channel - Targeting firms with more than 10 employees that use Google Workspace for their operations, across various sectors. • Indirect Sales - Seeking independent sales professionals, the partner channel and smaller developer companies with fewer than 10 staff that fall short against no-code and low-code offerings. “That’s happening a lot,” said Botero, regarding stifled developers. “Your traditional developer’s shop is competing with no-code/low-code solutions, and small developer shops struggle because they have an overhead. They have to keep a rate that is not competitive in the market. Using GIFFY, they can lower the rate and become more competitive.” And as it pertains to the channel, opportunities likewise abound. “These are the people who are leveraging their professional network, and they’re offering solutions to the companies that trust in them,” said Botero. “We think that GIFFY and CHEKIN would be interesting offerings. CHEKIN, especially, because of the emphasis that we have now on security, user validation and management, which is one of the most important things to keep your network safe. They can each be an interesting addition to the portfolio of an independent sales professional here in the U.S.” Moving forward, Infiflex plans to introduce a support specialist team for the U.S., a pre-sales group for helping partners approach clients and dedicated support tools. “They don’t have to be technology experts to sell or use our products,” explained Botero. After all, Infiflex represents streamlined options for helping smaller companies run IT infrastructure as if they were a larger firm. o For more information on Infiflex, its GIFFY and CHEKIN products and other resources, visit Infiflex Brings Its ‘Infinite Flexibility’ to the U.S. PROFILE AT YOUR SERVICE: XaaS By Brady Hicks 34 CHANNELV ISION | MARCH - APRIL 2022