PlanetOne is a company dedicated to a different approach. The firm, already recognized as a top technology-sourcing partner for the IT channel, thrives at assessing need, implementing and supporting the cloud-based and connectivity software that businesses need to grow. To stand out, PlanetOne provides partners with access to its extensive portfolio, reinforced by strong agreements and across-the-board commission structure. “Everybody has their strengths,” said PlanetOne founder and CEO, Ted Schuman. “Ours is engagement – a heavy lean-in on the human capital and assets, strong partner experience. Now, we’re laying on top of that a one-ofa-kind partner enablement platform that is disruptive to the channel and revolutionary in what it does for partners. “We’re marrying the best of old-school business bests with incredible talent,” he continued, “and pouring gas on the fire with Sentient, our new partnerenablement platform.” Unveiled last September, Sentient’s interface includes resources for managing business and promoting growth. The platform includes real-time business intelligence; direct access to PlanetOne resources; and features for viewing account logistics, managing transactions from quote to cash, increasing sales and assessing the correct provider for any solution. And its latest innovation cycle, which debuts at the Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas, promises much more. “Its prominent asset will be commissioning,” said Schuman. “It’s an option for partners that never existed before: adding a more feature-rich, robust commissioning platform, as well as tools and resources never before seen in the channel. You’d be amazed how many partners operate their commissions out of Excel spreadsheets. Some have a CRM, but it doesn’t tie into their back-office systems, which doesn’t tie into their commissioning platform.” Through Sentient, this comes together on a single screen of intelligence. Via this pane of glass, Sentient now provides access to tools and resources comparable to those found in the financial services industry, helping resolve issues related to order booking and reconciliation in a streamlined manner. “You can follow your order from the day that it’s booked, all the way through commissioning, upselling and renewals,” continued Schuman. “It’s going to revolutionize and make simpler for all the partners what has been an annoyance for 30 years: paying commissions to our sales, making sure we’re being paid properly and paying it downstream as well.” Plus, with a followup “later this Spring,” Sentient will turn toward what Schuman calls “full-blown CRM.” This software is designed for users familiar with the industry’s top CRM platforms but seeking to eschew its programming fees. “Some people feel almost held hostage by these platforms,” said Schuman. “Partners now have an option – Sentient – to literally manage their entire book and business, self-service, administer and manage it from any device, anywhere, anytime, whether Android, iOS, desktop or laptop in a single pane of glass.” While Schuman believes that the demand for UCaaS, CCaaS and other cutting edge solutions will only expand, there is another area even more key to future growth. “2022 is setting up to be a pivotal year for most of the channel, as it relates to finally moving the needle of the security space,” said Schuman. “We all talk about it, but the channel really hasn’t moved with it yet. It will. Security will move from specialized to officially part of the mainstream design and delivery in the channel in 2022.” And PlanetOne is poised to help partners capitalize. “At PlanetOne, the number that we want to increase is how much money we’re sending to partners,” said Schuman. “We shattered that record last August, activating more partner accounts, sending out more commissions and generating more sales from the channel than ever in our 30-year history.” And that, Schuman believes, is always great news for partners. o To learn more about PlanetOne, Sentient and the unique opportunities that it presents, visit or call (877) 487-8353. PROFILE PlanetOne’s Sentient Platform Goes All In and Revolutionizes Commissions The Sentient GUI By Brady Hicks CHANNEL MANAGEMENT 54 CHANNELV ISION | MARCH - APRIL 2022