For 40 years, Quest Technology Management has put in the work, providing best-fit custom services to match organizational needs. Anchored by its diverse team of service consultants, project managers, designers, engineers and product specialists, Quest seeks to answer the question: How Can We Help? According to vice president of sales and partnerships Adam Burke, the company’s main value is its ability to “truly meet customer business objectives. “Many organizations are waiting for a solution to be proposed to them,” said Burke. “We approach our clients differently for mutual success. We first engage with our clients to understand the outcome they seek, and then leverage the building blocks that Quest has invested in to deliver it. If we start selling before we listen, we’ve failed.” Quest pursues this ideal outcome with proven in-house expertise and processes. The end result? A unique SLA to meet specific demand. “When we look at the outcome first,” added vice president of marketing, Darcy Baker, “it’s like working backwards. We’re not walking in with a solution, we’re asking first, what are you trying to achieve? Quest knows how to engineer a solution that addresses that outcome. It’s a practice unique to Quest.” The company has coverage across four core service areas. There’s a value-added reseller division, for helping secure the right products, software and technology. There’s a managed services division, replete with 24x7 options for helping maintain existing IT investment, leveraging tools and employing Quest-hosted, on-demand platforms. Quest, after all, is one of the top 100 worldwide MSSPs with managed security services for incident response and containment when dealing with breaches or malware strikes. Quest also has a physical division to focus on infrastructure such as cabling, access control, video surveillance and other IP-based products. And, finally, Quest maintains an application division that blends other aspects of its business. Of course, as the IT landscape grows more complex, Quest finds that there is more opportunity than ever in taking various capabilities and stacking them on top of one another, in particular from an application, performance and operational standpoint. “Our largest opportunity is the continued growth of new solutions,” said Burke. “New SaaS developments present a huge opportunity to help partners bring different service offerings together to provide their clients with a more consistent experience.” Quest’s channel program was first established in 2009, with a model based on its own experiences as a channel partner, paired with its strategy in engaging with its own customers. “We’re partnering with our channel partners where they need help,” said Burke, “not dictating to them what they should be doing. We want to understand what our partners are trying to achieve, what their business model is, what their strategy is and then determine where our service offerings or capabilities overlap. It’s like a Venn diagram. Are we the right partner for every opportunity? No. But there’s alignment; we want to uncover that and make sure that the partner community knows.” Perhaps where Quest best excels, though, is in delivering service areas traditionally limited to the larger integrators, albeit with full integration opportunities that were previously unavailable and with a customizable and flexible approach. “We just continue to make sure that our partners are aware that we’d love to have the business conversation with the end user,” said Burke. “They don’t have to be the technology experts. They just have to be willing to ask where they need help. Whether it has to do with cybersecurity or application development, there are millions – even billions – of dollars in opportunity on the table if they’re willing to just ask the question without being the expert. “Just ask the question,” he smiled, “and bring in our team to help you address that need.” o For additional information on Quest, its portfolio and partner opportunities, visit Quest at Learn more about Quest’s Technology Partner Program at techpartners or call (800) 326-4220. PROFILE By Brady Hicks CHANNEL MANAGEMENT Quest Delivers Custom Services to Match Unique Demand 56 CHANNELV ISION | MARCH - APRIL 2022