34 CHANNELV ISION | MAY – JUNE 2022 We all know the frustration that comes from poor performing internet or no internet connection at all. For a small business, the stakes are even higher. Whether you are trying to streamline operations, improve communications, leverage on-line marketing or conduct e-commerce, you need reliable, high-speed internet access to run your business. And while there may be many reasons why a connection is weak or inaccessible, you need only look to the sky – and to Hughes – for help. Hughes pioneered the commercial satellite industry, providing nationwide connectivity to Sam Walton’s Walmart stores in the mid-1980s and inventing satellite internet for home and small business use. Hughes, under its HughesNet service brand, has been providing much-needed internet and backup options to unserved and underserved consumers and businesses for more than 25 years. Today, HughesNet connects millions of people in the Americas alone, and was named the “Best Satellite Internet Provider” and “Best Rural Internet Provider” by U.S. News & World Report. “We offer cost-effective high-speed internet to consumers and small-tomedium businesses not served by cable or fiber,” said Doug Medina, vice president, SMB & franchise, Hughes. “Hughes is vertically integrated. We make the satellite terminal. We provide the gateways to connect to the internet, we own the satellites, and we manage the service. If you’re a small business owner who can’t get cable, fiber or 4G, satellite is a great option for getting – and staying – connected.” Hughes estimates there are more than 1.1 million under- or un-served businesses in the U.S. To address this market, Hughes is partnering with technology solutions brokerages (TSBs), formerly known as master agents, to sell its HughesNet for Business offerings. HughesNet gives TSBs the ability to service their customer’s locations wherever they do business, turning unserviceable locations to serviceable, revenue-generating locations. Whether they are looking to connect a retailer, far-flung storage facility, gas station, home-based business or a work-fromhome customer, TSBs can be confident that Hughes and its HughesNet for Business can help. As an example, during weather events or other unexpected outages and emergencies, HughesNet helps businesses stay connected, even when other forms of internet are down. “It’s not just landline connections that go down but cell towers too, and the backhauls to those towers,” noted Medina. “But if you have a backup generator, you can get back online via satellite all day long. It bypasses the whole terrestrial infrastructure, including 4G. We’ve seen it happen during hurricanes: critical services like pharmacies and banks are able to come back online quickly after these storms, thanks to satellite connectivity.” Medina continued: “Our HughesNet Internet Continuity backup service is a great way to be sure your small business is always online – even when fiber and cable services are down. It monitors the terrestrial broadband connection, and when that fails, HughesNet seamlessly takes over and then automatically falls back once the connection is restored – no customer intervention needed.” Aside from its primary connectivity service plans and its internet backup plan, HughesNet offers options such as VoIP, Static IP and end-device security on top of its internet access. Plus, there are other developments coming in the not-too-distant future, such as new technology to better address low-latency applications. The company is an investor and a technology provider to OneWeb, a global low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite provider that will offer low-latency business and government services. This investment is expected to complement the existing offerings from Hughes. “We’re constantly looking to make HughesNet more cost effective with better performance and we’ll be doing that with exciting new hybrid/multi-transport offerings coming soon,” said Medina. Medina believes that HughesNet for Business is ideal for folks who cannot get reliable broadband where they do business, whether for primary or backup connectivity. “I often tell our selling partners that we have a lot of churches in rural America that have turned to HughesNet for Business,” smiled Medina. “If this service is good enough for the house of God, it’s good enough for your customers!” o If interested in becoming a selling partner, visit or call (855)513-3191. For more information on the HughesNet for Business primary services, visit For more information about HughesNet Internet Continuity backup service, visit PROFILE Hughes VP Doug Medina By Brady Hicks HughesNet Brings Unencumbered Connectivity, Backup from the Heavens