NUSO is a 100 percent channel-focused company that provides dependable carrier services to bolster communications, improve collaboration and increase sales. The company’s extensive, cloud-based portfolio includes full-stack capabilities for delivering integrated, reliable customer experiences. Recently, NUSO’s new business-class messaging tool, SimplyConnect, turned heads by offering a redefined, single-interface software set that specializes in one-to-many or many-to-one business communications, using SMS or MMS. To discuss these and other developments, ChannelVision recently sat down with company CEO, Matt Siemens. ChannelVision: Please tell us a little bit about NUSO, for those who aren’t familiar? Matt Siemens: NUSO is changing the velocity of cloud communications by delivering full-stack solutions through channel partners and empowering carrier services that create seamlessly integrated, value-driven, reliable customer experiences, every time. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in University City, Mo., USA. NUSO is a fast-growing and innovative leader in unified cloud communication solutions throughout North America. Natively developed real-world business communications and messaging tools, such as UCaaS, SIP, contact centers, collaboration platforms and SMS messaging can be deployed in minutes with NUSO. CV: What’s the company’s main value proposition? MS: NUSO is your business communications platform. NUSO enables partner success by providing tools to build unique customer solutions. Partners can leverage our technology and people to deliver white-glove customer experience through integrated solutions and value propositions. Our cloud-based communications solutions empower our partners to greater growth. CV: Where do you see the most potential for growth? MS: Our existing and new partners. We are dedicated to our partners and remain 100 percent channel focused. We are most excited about our continuing growth in unified communications and taking advantage of the explosive growth in our newest product, SimplyConnect. SimplyConnect takes advantage of our new messaging platform and allows your customers to send and receive SMS and MMS messages from any number, including traditional landlines and toll-free numbers. With the carrier acquisition completed earlier this year, we have added some of the largest service providers in the world to our customer portfolio. Our channel partners benefit through the redundancy we have added to the platform. CV: Are there any specific technologies or services you want to highlight? MS: We’re so excited about the addition of SimplyConnect, our businessclass messaging service, to the NUSO portfolio of solutions. The reception to this product is overwhelmingly positive. In a recent onboarding, one of the partners even called it, “simply awesome!” How often do you get that kind of feedback for communications tools? SimplyConnect is business messaging redefined. It’s a single interface for one-to-many and many-to-one business communications using both SMS and MMS. With our SimplyConnect, you can seamlessly send and receive messages via hybrid landline, toll-free and VoIP numbers in the U.S., Canada and many international destinations. Add customized greetings to your accounts to make them even more recognizable, then customize your messages with dynamic elements that recognize a variety of user preferences such as name, location, past conversations and more. SimplyConnect is cloudbased and available on any device that has a browser – even on a personal computer at home. CV: Moving through the rest of this year and into 2023, what’s next for NUSO and its partners? MS: We’re looking forward to sharing more about our dual network origination redundancy. What does that mean? NUSO is prepared to give partners control of the public-switched network to route around physical network issues and problems in a matter of seconds, instead of the industry average of four to six hours to repair. CV: That sounds like a lot to be excited about. Anything else going on? MS: Did you know that NUSO now offers multiple UC switches all controlled by our single platform? We can help you create unique solutions for your customers and build on the right switch for your business needs. o For more information on NUSO’s partner and service options, visit www. or call (855) 458-2220. You also can visit NUSO on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. PROFILE NUSO Offers Channel-Focused Services that Redefine Communications By Brady Hicks 38 CHANNELV ISION | MAY – JUNE 2022 NUSO CEO Matt Siemens