WiredIQ has taken a unique approach to delivering managed services by allowing the customer to choose from a complete suite delivered with one intelligent SASE appliance called, the BrainBox. Beyond the expected feature set of a typical SASE appliance combining SDWAN capabilities with comprehensive unified threat management, the BrainBox takes it a step further by facilitating all the other managed services your customer might require into a single high availability appliance that sits at the customer premises on the edge of their network. The BrainBox reaches beyond the SD-WAN, firewall, intrusion detection and content filters in place at the edge of the customer’s network. The BrainBox also provides SD-LAN management with segregated virtual LAN networks for voice, video, guest access and secure corporate users. The Brainbox provides add-on applications for unified communications, managed Wi-Fi, managed desktops, backup and premises-based security (IoT) including surveillance, access control and burglar alarm. The customer’s PCs can also be monitored, managed and secured by the BrainBox. If you’re in the retail, restaurant or hospitality industry the BrainBox even can manage streaming music. The customer can choose any one or all of these services giving them a unified platform for all their managed services, eliminating vendor finger-pointing, saving money, simplifying their network infrastructure, and having a single bill for all of it. “The BrainBox is much more than just another SASE appliance,” said WiredIQ CEO Joe Rhem. “We take care of a plethora of hotels, restaurants and retail outlets. The more locations the better as we manage everything in one pane of glass with the Visual Cortex Orchestrator. Every phone, camera, access point, computer, switch, network connection and BrainBox is monitored every 60 seconds and supported 24 hours a day with redundant network operations centers and worldwide onsite installation and repair capability.” Recalling his time as the founder of the third largest UCaaS provider, Rhem looks back on a project with Dollar General. “We put our voice appliance at each location,” he said. “Next to it another vendor put a router, and next to that someone else put a firewall, and next to that another vendor put an SD-WAN box. That’s four routers in a row, right next to each other. It keeps going. There would be a surveillance box, a box to do access control, a box to do burglar alarm, a box that was doing Wi-Fi, and a box that was doing the overhead music. And all of these boxes were on the wall, next to each other. This was repeated 13,000 times, just for Dollar General, and it occurred to me at the time that all this could be in one box, and all of that could be on one bill. It could be installed by a single installer and, if there were any issues, there wouldn’t be fingerpointing by different vendors.” To contrast this at WiredIQ, the company replaced an entire room full of hardware with a single BrainBox at the Best Western Plus in Mesa Arizona. The phones, access points, surveillance cameras, SD-WAN, network security (SASE), and automatic LTE backup. One BrainBox, One Relationship, and One Bill. Clients, however, are not the only ones benefitting from this simplified system. “The partner also makes out well,” said Rhem. “When you’ve got seven or eight products to sell in one box, you can walk in and quickly find out what the customer needs. We average three times as much revenue per customer when compared to selling a single solution like voice or SD-WAN. Once this platform is in place it takes over everything else. We call that land and expand. Your customer becomes sticky because competing sales entities cannot uproot your customer when you have already sold them a platform that does everything they need.” For a first-hand look, visit the WiredIQ booth (#1807) at Channel Partners. There, it is demonstrating new IoT technology, as well as a unique Smart Office service that provides middleware integration for dragand-drop workflow, helping manipulate physical cameras, burglar alarms and access control systems. “We’ve got a wonderful voice platform that’s about half the cost of most competitors and has more features. At the end of the day we only have so much time, and managing things is difficult,” said Rhem. “When you buy equipment, you think you have something,” Rhem concluded. “It really has you. You need to take care of it. You need to maintain it and know that it’s working. WiredIQ simplifies that and makes it less expensive, putting it all together as one relationship and one bill. That’s what’s really unique.” o For additional information on WiredIQ and its portfolio, including BrainBox, visit or call (941) 615-1005. PROFILE Triple Residuals with WiredIQ’s BrainBox SASE Appliance By Brady Hicks One BrainBox | One Relationship | One Bill 22 THE CHANNEL MANAGER’S PLAYBOOK