CORE COMMUNICATIONS 60 CHANNELV ISION | SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2022 Telesystem has come a long way since 1994. From humble beginnings to a dominant presence in the telecom world, it proves that a regionally rooted provider can scale nationally. Telesystem understands what businesses need to grow and succeed: innovative thinking and dedicated employees, fostered by a culture that makes the work environment feel like home. Starting as a regional fiber provider in Toledo, Ohio, Telesystem navigated that landscape for two decades before going national in 2014. After buying Philadelphia’s Line Systems that year, the national evolution was underway. “Over the next eight years, we’ve built a robust national network, expanding into Type 2 access and a wider product portfolio,” reflected chief revenue officer, Bruce Wirt. Today, Telesystem provides low-latency services nationwide, with major points of presence in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas and Denver, among other cities. Its network is built with “always-on” DDoS mitigation, SD-WAN and two distinct soft switches at every point of presence. “Our UCaaS products offer a different value than the major software companies,” said Wirt. “We’re different in terms of redundancy. Having two platforms allows us to build solutions that fit the customer’s needs while providing the ability to build platform redundant solutions and offer geographical and last-mile redundancy.” Other Telesystem capabilities include: • Internet traffic routing to any point of presence • WiFi Analytics/Engagement • Managed LAN • Managed security • Cybersecurity “One of the big items that helped to accelerate our national channel program was our unique WiFi Analytics and Engagement product,” smiled Wirt. “The gear is agnostic; we can sell the physical APs when needed, but the software is the game changer. When partners are looking at who or what to sell, they strive to bring customers a different message than the usual UCaaS and internet access talking points. WiFi Analytics and Engagement, as well as our new Threat Protector cybersecurity portfolio, are helping partners penetrate new relationships, offering a different conversation.” It’s all about building solutions from the inside-out. “We try to understand application need, then take a different approach,” said Wirt. “Lots of providers want to sling things at you. Sell a few circuits, maybe UCaaS seats – then figure out how, or even if, it fits.” Telesystem examines the how and what of organizational need, Wirt continued, “working from the inside-out to build an infrastructure core that covers everything: premises networking, siteto-site networking, analytics, internet, voice and, recently, cybersecurity.” That’s where Threat Protector’s acquisition comes into play. Threat Protector by Telesystem provides security awareness training, email encryption and endpoint protection for businesses of any size, supporting threat mitigation, penetration testing and security planning. “Cybersecurity is a core strategy now,” said Wirt. “We bought Threat Protector to get started, and we’re adding our own set of experts to the fray. Security awareness training is critical – one employee opening the wrong email could result in a disastrous cyberattack. “With our cybersecurity products, clients can rest assured that their company is protected from harm and set up to purchase insurance at a reasonable price,” he continued. And for Telesystem, IT’s all about that trust. “Why do people buy Telesystem?” asked Wirt. “The theme we encounter from our surveys is, ‘we trust them.’ We offer U.S. support. We’re not the biggest, but we’re also not small. We try to give the service level that businesses expect, with the ability to scale.” What also distinguishes Telesystem from other providers is its dedication to clients and team members. “Telesystem lets businesses trust their provider – we want them to know that we’re going to work for them so they can concentrate on growing their business,” he added. “We view our clients as an extension of our business – not as clients but as partners.” o For more information on Telesystem’s portfolio and partner opportunities, visit or call (888) 808-6111. Be sure to check out Wirt’s keynote address at the CVx Expo and Telesystem’s sponsored golf tournament there. PROFILE By Brady Hicks Telesystem: I.T. is All About Trust Bruce Wirt, CRO at Telesystem