Aircall bolsters customer experience for the small and medium-sized organization. Its cloud-based calling product is designed to help companies enhance their interactions to improve CX. Aircall began operations in Europe in 2014 before entering the North American market three years ago. Now, its global operations include offices in Sydney, Madrid, Singapore and New York City. And, under the leadership of new CEO Michael Haske, it has the experience needed to take the next step. “We made it past the startup phase at $100 million annual recurring revenue,” said Tiffany Dunn, Aircall’s vice president of channel sales. “We’re in growth mode and expanding globally, bringing in leaders with the experience to take the company to the next level.” Aircall leverages its client’s existing business applications, integrating them wherever possible. Its ultimate value comes in creating richer conversations, enhancing interactions, adding intelligence and features to make customer interactions more relevant and efficient. “We’re known as CCaaS (contact center as a service) for the SMB,” said Dunn. “Small or medium-sized organizations don’t usually say they need contact center software or capabilities. They speak in terms of improving the customer experience.” But how do you enhance those interactions and make those conversations more valuable? How do you incorporate analytics into existing CRMs and other applications? How can information make agents more intelligent, confident and better able to resolve issues? “From a company perspective, they need to be able to look at how customer-facing organizations are performing,” added Dunn. “These organizations are often asking themselves: ‘How are we resourced? Are our customer’s experiencing dropped calls when it’s necessary to allocate more resources? What issues are the teams continuously resolving?’ And on the sales side, ‘How can I anticipate the needs of my customers and personalize my conversations? How can we more intelligently upsell and cross-sell to drive more revenue?’” Because of its background, Aircall believes it is uniquely positioned to assist the small and medium-sized business market, offering a feature set that complements that model. “We’re not trying to go after those whales that have everything under the sun that you don’t need and you’re going to pay for,” said Dunn. “We can be more cost effective because we consider the critical features and offer them an integrated approach.” Where, then, does Aircall’s greatest potential lie? “We’re focusing on 25 to 500 [handles]. It’s our sweet spot,” smiled Dunn. “Of course, part of that is what systems they have in place, plus how we can augment those business apps versus offering a standalone application. Really, it’s about how we leverage the cloud services and solutions they’re already using. How we enhance those, adding integrated audio, analytics and features to support customer relationship building. “From a partnerships perspective, we’re partner first,” said Dunn. “Technology partnerships are the foundation of the next phase of our growth as we have the integrations that complement that ecosystem. We’re also looking to leverage technology solutions providers. Partners can provide value in all areas along the customer journey. Those focused on CCaaS, SMBs and the customer experience are critical.” o Want more information on Aircall and its unique opportunities for the small and mediumsized business? Visit or call (888) 240-6923. PROFILE Aircall Helps Enhance Customer Interactions CORE COMMUNICATIONS By Brady Hicks 62 CHANNELV ISION | SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2022