IntelePeer, a leading CPaaS (communications platform as a service) provider, is best known for fostering automation and self-serve capabilities for enterprises. Every day, the company’s platform supports clients in their journey to deliver world class customer experiences and service functions that businesses crave and consumers demand, but may not be able to fulfill on their own. The difference is IntelePeer’s power behind its low/no code platform, paired with its high-quality voice communication network. “IntelePeer’s background makes us unique from other CPaaS providers,” said chief commercial officer, Jeremy Jones. “With our communications API platform, customers can quickly and easily develop advanced voice solutions and automated customer experiences.” The idea is for faster go-to-market, more flexibility and improved tie-in value and iteration that distinguish it from competitors. These are, of course, just some of the benefits of automation via IntelePeer. The streamlined, drag-and-drop platform was built from the ground up to support both low-code and no-code scenarios, making it an optimal environment for businesses that are tight on resources or lack technical expertise. Ultimately, this translates to customer service automation in days or weeks, rather than months. “It’s very common that a customer will come to IntelePeer with a unique business challenge they’re trying to solve,” said Jones. “Once they see the value our platform provides and the ease of automation, they look toward other areas of their business that can benefit from our solutions; with our platform, customers can quickly deploy the next phase of automation, whether for testing purposes or to expand their use of these self-service solutions.” Against the backdrop of numerous vertical markets – financial services, healthcare, retail, higher education, utilities and other areas – IntelePeer is committed to delivering the highest value to its customers. “The current market environment is lending itself to a very robust opportunity for IntelePeer and our channel partners,” continued Jones. “Accelerated by the pandemic, staffing shortages – as well as a remote and hybrid work dynamic – customers are having to look toward automation to maintain operations. Whether it’s advanced voice functionality, email, messaging or chatbots with artificial intelligence/ natural language processing, our platform provides the features needed to streamline communications workflows and improve customer experiences.” IntelePeer built its Apex Partner Program to engage with sales and build partners that see value in its platform for helping implement ready-to-use applications for their customers, create their own applications and embed them into a broader solution. Potential alliances tend to include – but are not limited to – system integrators and other app-development groups, ISVs and other partners looking to streamline automation using its platform. Every day, IntelePeer is dedicated to helping foster critical automation the right way. “We’re always encountering new and interesting use cases that customers and partners are turning to IntelePeer to help solve,” concluded Jones. “Think of our platform as a toolbox that can be used and adapted to solve any CX challenge with automation.” o Curious in learning about IntelePeer’s partnership opportunities? IntelePeer can help? Be sure to visit PROFILE IntelePeer Bolsters CX with Automation CORE COMMUNICATIONS 64 CHANNELV ISION | SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2022 IntelePeer’s Jeremy Jones