From a security standpoint, most organizations were caught off guard during the early days of the pandem- ic. Almost overnight, companies went from using highly fortified and optimized networks to remote setups with mostly unknown components and architectures. Organizations were forced to deal with unsecured Wi-Fi, and limited visibility into remote apps and endpoints, creating a nightmare scenario for IT. Now that some time has passed, most companies are working to achieve the same level of network security and reliability at home that they have on-site. It shouldn’t matter where employees work — the new experience should be the same. The new gold standard of excellence is to have network consis- tency across all locations. One company that can make this happen is New Horizon Communica- tions (NHC), a leading Massachusetts- based communications carrier that calls itself “THE Communications Stack Provider.” During the last year, NHC has helped many organizations streamline their remote networks with its unique solutions approach to the stack, which in this case includes three layers. “Layer one is all about the Network,” explained NHC CEO Doug Fabbricatore. “In today’s world, businesses are access- ing a variety of networks throughout the day. These networks have evolved away from the legacy telco private or internet network and instead comprise a truly dynamic and intertwined ‘everything’ network. Users of these networks expect rapid deployment and scalability, along with hyper-fast performance. Their appli- cations depend on these expectations.” NHC delivers these network connections both privately and publicly. “Our Network layer is fast, scalable and available anywhere in the country with a diverse range of delivery options,” added Fabbricatore. “Additionally, these networks are fully supported from presale to delivery and billing by NHC for a one-source connectivity solution.” Next comes layer two, which is the Overlay. “Our Overlay is where the rubber meets the road,” Fabbricatore continued. “Here we provide cloud-native applica- tions such as VoIP, UCaaS, contact center and collaboration, as well as advanced data services including SD-WAN, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity.” The third and final layer of the stack is the managed layer. “Our Managed layer ties everything together, and this couldn’t be more important with the current as-a-service world we’re in today,” Fabbricatore said. “This is most important for today’s customers. We manage all the elements we’re selling, whether it’s Network, an Overlay, or both. The customer needs someone to manage these components effectively, with transparency and with their best interests in mind. NHC does this, every day. “We ultimately enable customers to unify remote NHC CEO Doug Fabbricatore PROFILE NHC Secures Remote Workerswith ‘the Stack’ EHT Communications STACK Provider ™ CYBER PATROL work for workforce, anywhere and on any device,” he continued. Not a Passing Trend Looking forward, it’s clear that remote work is here to stay — and NHC plans to continue monitoring remote work trends and offering innovative products to help companies achieve secure and reliable communication. “I’ve heard from many business leaders that their go forward plan will account for roughly 40 percent to 60 percent full-time remote workers,” said Fabbricatore. “In most cases, in-office days will be limited to two/three days per week. I can easily see the new workplace being work from home, with the option to come in during the middle of the week. I think that’s going to be the standard approach for many indus- tries and many of our customers.” Look for NHC to roll out new remote workstations in 2021 with embedded secure unified communications. The company is also planning on unveiling a Microsoft Teams product and pairing it with its own voice platform. “We’re gearing up to introduce a whole new suite of security products, so make sure to check in for updates,” Fabbricatore advises channel partners. “We’re going beyond edge-based branch and edge- based cloud and looking into some really advanced remote work security products in the near future. We’re excited about the year ahead and ready to help businesses secure their remote networks.” NHC offers a 100 percent channel- based sales model, serving a nationwide customer base. Fabbricatore said the company prides itself on building strong relationships with partners and providing them with fast quotes, fair pricing and seamless integrations. o 38 CHANNEL V ISION | May 2021