P artners who are actively looking to make money in the channel have a great opportunity at hand with National Retail Solutions (NRS). A subsidiary of IDT, NRS is on a mission to help small, independent retailers thrive in today’s highly competitive business landscape with seamless checkouts, advanced mobile manage- ment and powerful analytics services. Leading things off is the robust NRS Point of Sale (POS) bundle. This package comes with a user-friendly merchant touchscreen and customer- facing display, barcode scanner, metal cash drawer and thermal receipt printer. A credit card reader is included with signup for NRS Pay. And all of this is supported by powerful and intui- tive cloud-based software. Subscrip- tion premium feature extras offer additional commissions opportunities for partners. In addition, NRS offers NRS PAY low-rate credit card processing, which comes with free equipment and no long-term contracts or cancellation fees. NRS PAY offers two clean, fixed- rate plans for retailers. According to executives at NRS, mom ‘n’ pop retailers today are facing pressure from all angles. NRS provides much needed support for busy store owners, making management easier, safer and more cost-effective. So, it comes as no surprise that the compa- ny had a record sales month in March, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Many of the essential business- es NRS serves remained open during COVID-19. As more customers venture into stores, retailers are now seeing a climb in sales, with a trend of increased foot traffic that is expected to continue. “NRS is going gangbusters right now,” explained founder and presi- dent, Elie Y. Katz, “We just paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions to distributors, and we’re just warming up as word is quickly spreading about our exciting line of products and services.” National Retail Solutions also is making a push into the gas station industry, with NRS Petro. This offers yet another opportunity for partners, this time to help gas station owners become EMV compliant at their pumps, modernize their c-store POS systems and implement digital transformation. Now is a great time for partners to talk to gas station owners, as they will soon be dealing with an influx of cars on the road as more local economies begin to open and full commuting and travel resume. At the same time, gas stations are facing a current deadline for Europay, Mastercard, Visa (EMV) compliance, which entails a liability shift at fuel stations. With NRS Petro, gas stations can retrofit their pumps to become EMV compliant without having to rip out and replace an expensive infrastructure. “We have several dozen gas stations across the U.S. that have already signed on with us, so this side of the business is also growing,” added Katz. Add it all up and partners have a unique opportunity with high-quality and in-demand products that directly help small, local business owners – and now gas stations. “Our products and programs are specially and uniquely built for the retail- ers we serve,” Katz said. “In many ways, they sell themselves, opening the door for excellent compensation and recurring revenue streams. Plus, partners can trust us. We’re backed by a publicly traded company and have a stellar reputation in the channel. With NRS, you get paid on time, every time — no question.” The company is also backed by the “Sandman,” New York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera — an endorse- ment which speaks volumes about the company’s reputation. “I’m looking for channel sales agents who want to sell and help pump some life into America’s small businesses, which are the engine of our economy,” Katz concluded. “If you’re looking to be your own boss and grow your business in 2021, let’s talk.” o Learn more at program or by calling (908) 295-7737. By Gerald Baldino CORE COMMUNICATIONS NRS point of sale bundle NRS Seeks Hungry Channel Partners 64 CHANNEL V ISION | May 2021