Florida-based IPFone provides market-leading UCaaS, VoIP, SD-WAN, contact center solutions and fiber inter - net for business, all powered by Cisco’s reliable and secure infrastructure. Backed with more than 22 years of industry experience, IPFone’s mission is to deliver the most comprehensive, secure and reliable communications and collaboration platform that keeps businesses connected and produc- tive. IPFone also offers a personalized onboarding experience with onsite instal- lation, in-depth training and support. We caught up with IPFone vice president of channel and sales Stu Kolinsky for the inside scoop on IPFone. ChannelVision: Tell us about IPFone with Cisco Webex and why that product was launched. Stu Kolinsky: IPFone with Cisco Webex integrates hosted PBX calling with video conferencing, messaging, meetings and more – all under Cisco’s world-class secure infrastructure. The truth is that the pandemic has fundamentally transformed the work environment, and now more people are looking for a work-at-home solution that combines both a reliable PBX phone system and a video conferencing app, and that’s exactly what IPFone with Cisco Webex aims to deliver on. IPFone with Cisco Webex is the perfect marriage between VoIP and unified communications into one simple product. CV: What are some of the most exciting features of IPFone with Cisco Webex? SK: IPFone with Cisco Webex combines the best of two worlds in business communications: hosted PBX calling and unified communica - tions – all under one service. IPFone with Cisco Webex offers hosted PBX calling, video conferencing, meetings, file sharing, screen sharing, and more, all from one secure app. CV: One feature that agents should know about is team collaboration. Do you see continued demand for collaboration in 2021? Will demand last beyond the pandemic? SK: The simple fact is that the work environment as we know it has been fundamentally changed due to the pandemic. Now businesses rely more upon team collaboration tools, such as IPFone with Cisco Webex, to carry out their daily operations allowing them to stay connected via video, messaging and more. We believe that this level of flexibil - ity in business communications and enterprise-level privacy protection will be the new standard moving forward. CV: Why are agents excited about this announcement? Do you have any feedback on wins to share? SK: IPFone with Cisco Webex offers the agent ecosystem a complete solution that can satisfy virtually all of their customers’ current and future communications requirements. With IPFone, it all can be supplied by one company, on one bill, and one support system. What’s more, the peace of mind brought by the Cisco brand makes the entire transition a seamless one. At this point, the customers we have deployed into this platform have been very satisfied with the transition, as well as the customer onboarding experience led by our project manage - ment team. In fact, we have moved dozens of enterprises of various sizes from a legacy platform into the IPFone with Cisco Webex platform with record- high customer satisfaction. Finally, this adoption by numerous businesses gives agents new messaging to present and increases the stickiness of customers along with maximizing MRR. CV: Are there any special incentives right now? SK: IPFone delivers top incentives for all the agents that come on board. We offer very competitive pricing, aggressive bonus opportunities and, for the customer, a six-month satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. This, of course, helps to motivate the decision- makers to move forward. CV: Please provide a brief outlook for IPFone in 2021. What’s next for the company? SK: IPFone has invested in top-tier suppliers, a tenured sales team, sales engineers to assist on complex deploy- ments, a professional project manage - ment team, three tiers of customer support, an open line of communication to all levels of management, and of course, a full product suite to offer to any size organization. Finally, we take great pride in offering great customer service under- lined by our friendly and caring staff. o IPFone Combines Hosted PBX, Webex for Reinvented Workforces IPFone VP of sales Stu Kolinsky PROFILE CORE COMMUNICATIONS 66 CHANNEL V ISION | May 2021