Sandy Beaches Software (SBS) has provided billing and customer care solutions since 1989. And its successes translate into revenue growth for its customers. “Our team and products helped a client grow their annual revenue from $100,000 to $50,000,000 and had a positive impact on their bottom line,” said Jeff Lytle, founder and president, citing an example. “The client esti- mated that SBS increased earnings by at least 1.2 percent.” Partnering with SBS means that telecom billing software is no longer an expense, Lytle said. “Utilizing our software and team has a positive ef- fect on earnings. If our services aren’t generating positive earnings, we’re not doing our job.” Sandy Beaches’ number one goal is to help companies grow and remain profitable. Its IntegriBill (IB) product is true to this goal, as it combines accuracy with affordability to meet customer service, invoicing and billing needs for VoIP, hosted PBX, wireless, 1+,800, data, internet services and any one-time or monthly recurring charges. “The most important thing for any- one new to providing telecom services is to have the right tools for your orga- nization,” Lytle said. “Your invoice so- lution must include tax and regulatory fee calculations. I believe if you rely on the carrier to provide this service for you, you run the risk of being ‘locked’ into doing business with them. “As you grow, you’ll want to add other vendors to your product offering, and you won’t have the agility that you need,” he continued. “Too many times this leads to companies with multiple billing platforms. ‘Free’ billing solutions can come at a high price if they cause you to lose business or limit your prod- uct offering.” Telecommunication regulatory fees are the most complex billing line items. State, county, city and district fees/ taxes are changed often, and compa- nies have to have an accurate total of their liability to run their businesses properly. In some cases, the calcula- tion methodology can vary from one provider to another. Lytle said having robust software, which allows for multiple vendors bill- ing to individual customers located in multiple regulatory jurisdictions, cre- ates the quickest path to profitability. “That’s why we’ve introduced the IB platform with no contract or monthly minimum,” he said. “We pride our- selves in our ability to help you mini- mize your customer’s tax burden.” SBS is experiencing success en- abling managed service providers to expand into voice services. “The fact that we’ll work with you when you only have a handful of cus- tomers or correct and convert your data when you are mid-sized, sets us apart from our competitors,” Lytle said, “Our support staff, users guide and training videos ensure a new partner’s Sandy Beaches founder & president Jeff Lytle PROFILE Sandy Beaches wants its clients to grow, prosper onboarding is smooth and their invoices are correct from the beginning.” He cautioned, “If the first invoice is in - correct, they’ll lose a lot of credibility with the account. Accuracy is key to building trust and building a long-term relationship.” SBS’s strength is its knowledge of taxes and regulatory fees. For instance, how much are taxes and fees on a $100 hosted VoIP seat delivered to downtown Los Angeles? Lytle explained: “There are many factors that can impact the answer – it could be anywhere between $36.72 and $9.99. The IntegriBill platform and our staff work with our partners to minimize your customer’s tax burden.” He continued, “IntegriClient, our real- time end-user portal enables customers to view their invoices, monthly traffic, create reports, pay an invoice and move from a prospect to new customer by signing the T&C agreement.” For agents, SBS has IntegriAgent, a portal that allows agents to view commis- sions, calculated a variety of ways, such as flat rate; one time; percentage of net; percentage of gross; or by product, cus- tomer and/or agent. With the pandemic waning and the re- emergence of trade shows, SBS is looking forward, and Lytle shared news of a “large- scale project” in the works for its partners. “It is a quoting module that’ll utilize our new front-end CRM system. [Partners] can easily follow a prospect through their cus- tomer lifecycle without leaving IntegriBill,” Lytle described. “We’re also enhancing our APIs.” o 54 CHANNEL V ISION | June, 2021