Profitec offers a groundbreaking billing solution called OmniBill that is used by a variety of providers in- cluding hosted PBX providers, VoIP companies, cable providers, ISPs, utilities and wireless providers. OmniBill provides front end client billing, enabling support for order entry, customer service, provisioning and revenue assurance, to name just a few examples. ChannelVision had the opportu- nity to catch up with Profitec execu - tive vice president of sales Randy Minervino to learn more about the company and its game-changing ap- proach to billing — and why the tech- nology is experiencing high demand post-COVID-19. ChannelVision: Tell us about Profitec, and your innovative ap - proach to billing. Randy Minervino: Profitec en - ables a single billing entry update across all product spectrums. An or- der can be entered directly into Omni- Bill or through any of our API integra- tions, which creates an appearance in both the OmniView client portal and the OmniAgent channel portal. As the order progresses through the workflow, the status is revealed to the channel partner who can monitor the progress through OmniAgent. Similar- ly, trouble tickets entered by end us- ers through the portal are worked by staff utilizing OmniBill, but the status is reported back to the user through the OmniView portal. CV: What differentiates Profitec from competitors? RM: We offer correct end user invoices and corresponding com- missions calculations, resulting in extremely minimal seller blowback. We support our clients from cradle to grave with minimal barriers to entry and full implementation, so we get started correctly. Profitec is a family business of owner-operators, and we focus on building long-term client relation- ships. We oversee training, imple- mentation, database design and tax type and exemption mapping as part of the onboarding process. CV: How is the company doing post-pandemic? Can you comment on the last year in business and what’s in store for the next year? RM: We did very well during the pandemic, thanks to a plan that’s been in place since 9/11. We have a corporate commitment to disas- ter recovery and full redundancy in the event of a disaster. As a result, we were literally able to unplug our phones following the outbreak, and bring them home and connect them, and all internal and external commu- nications happened just fine. Fortunately, I did not have one single client call me to indicate they felt underserved. In fact, just the op- posite happened — we had numerous clients contacts us to express their absolute pleasure about the way we continued operations. And with our 24x7 back-office support, including CS, we were able to pick up additional revenue through the provision of these support services. We are now working on expanding those offerings and put- ting more focus on our ValuBill TEM product, which is sold by the channel to enterprise businesses. CV: How are you working with channel partners? RM: We have a full-service white label billing offering we are support- ing for several clients including back- office services in addition to billing. Our clients sell BaaS to some of their master agents. One thing to note is that we have seen a major uptick in interest for true white label billing, where the cli- ent has a master agency agreement and they’re selling the Profitec bill- ing as a service to the client in addi- tion with their carrier services. CV: Why do partners like working with Profitec? RM: We offer correct invoices, accurate commissions, and full view and accountability into sales channels. We also have greatly improved our remote training capability. We always had a pretty good one, but we took it to another level by creat- ing advanced training videos. For example, if someone’s working and needs a quick review on deactivat- ing a line or changing an effective date of a service, we now have a library of videos that can help for true self-service. CV: Are there promotions or incentives ongoing right now? RM: We are currently offering our own Profitec stimulus deal, with 50 percent reductions on all product set- up fees through the end of the year. The goal is to capture custom- ers who want to change their bill- ing company, and pivot to be more transparent and resilient. We’re excited about the stimulus offering, and we think it will drive sales in the months ahead. o Contact Randy Minervino at Easy Billing for Partners & Customers PROFILE Profitec VP of sales Randy Minervino 60 CHANNEL V ISION | June, 2021