2020 VISIONARY SPOTLIGHT AWARDS | CHANNEL VISION Analytics, AI and Machine Learning Back Office and OSS Innovation Most Responsive Supplier Channel Teams Altaworx AMOP Jasper Optimization uses API connections to extract SIM usage and rate plans and optimize all SIM cards to the best rate while taking into consideration pooling and overage to reduce the carrier/customer bill to the lowest possible amount. The deployment automatically pulls SIM cards and rate plans, then runs a proprietary algorithm to validate the usage on each SIM and find the best rate plan available. The algorithm considers that sometimes it is more cost effective to pay overage than it is to just put the cards on a rate plan that covers the data usage. Data pooling across SIM cards is also taken into account before each SIM card’s rate plan is updated via an API push before the end of the period. Precision Telecom Technologies Precision was approached by a small, growing service provider that needed to upgrade to an advanced SaaS back office and billing solution. The solution needed to have an integration that would allow full line-item exporting into its QuickBooks Desktop system. Precision’s developers completed the QuickBooks integration and then onboarded the new client to the company’s Telecommunications BackOffice Solution (TBS), empowering ownership to grow fast, make acquisitions and integrate them into their back office. New Horizon Communications (NHC) NHC has gained a strong reputation for responsiveness, which is critical in an industry where partners have many carrier options for telecom and technology products. The company replies quickly and accurately to all quote and contract requests, sales support (including technical discussions and product demonstrations) and project updates. NHC’s responsiveness is reflected in its competitive churn, which is less than half of one percent. Telia Carrier Telia Carrier’s Conflict-Free channel program helps partners navigate end-user lifecycle management to ensure the highest-quality customer experience. Telia Carrier is applying the same formula that has regularly earned the operator industry accolades for its customer service. Telia Carrier’s Conflict-Free Channel program allows master agents to work directly with seasoned and knowledgeable Telia Carrier account directors and sales. The Conflict-Free Channel Program was created based on feedback Telia Carrier received from many discussions with master agents based on their positive and negative experiences with telecom operators and channel programs. PCCW Global PCCW Global offers a powerful partner program for master agents, VARs, sub-agents, consultants, IT service provider and other organizations looking to reach international markets. PCCW Global’s program is supported by a robust channel team offering sales, pre-sales, project management and ongoing customer support. PCCW Global’s team has a stellar reputation for being able to turn around accurate, localized quotes, versus pricing out of a book. Partners also benefit from competitive quarterly incentives and SPIFFs, larger commissions from international deals and rapid onboarding. SERVICE PROVIDER ENABLEMENT