2021 VISIONARY SPOTLIGHT AWARDS | CHANNEL V ISION Vertical Markets and Deployments Federated Wireless In February, Federated Wireless deployed a CBRS-enabled private 5G wireless network for the U.S. Department of Defense, along with an all- U.S. team of partners. The trial is modernizing the Marine Corps Logistics Command warehouse operations in Albany, Ga. The new private 5G network supports a broad set of smart warehouse use cases including warehouse robotics; barcode scanning; and holographic, augmented and virtual reality applications. Medigate Healthcare security provider Medigate listens to traffic flows and decodes the communications in real time, extracting more than 60 general and unique identifiers of each connected asset and organizes all of the underlying data in a dynamic, continuously refreshed risk scored inventory. Within hours of installation, the company can deliver a detailed view of the health system’s entire connected landscape. Wi-Fi and Fixed Wireless Telesystem Telesystem’s managed Wi-Fi solution offers customers and guests the fast, open Wi-Fi access they expect along with the private wireless access that companies need to run their business securely and efficiently. Telesystem designs, configures, installs, monitors and manages the secure wireless network, freeing businesses from the burden and cost of setting up and managing a wireless network on their own. SERVICE PROVIDER ENABLEMENT TECH Analytics, AI and Machine Learning Masergy Communications, Inc Masergy AIOps (AI for IT Operations) has the power to predict, prevent and prescribe solutions for network problems. It pinpoints root causes deep inside multi-cloud environments and suggests resolutions, helping IT teams save hours of investigation work and quickly serving up the right bandwidth at the right time. Powered by behavioral and predictive analytics and machine learning, Masergy AIOps acts as a virtual analyst, working 24/7 to automatically evaluate cloud application performance. National Retail Solutions (NRS) NRS added payroll tracking to its point-of-sale solution. Now retailers can have their employees log into the POS every time they come to work and log out at the end of their shifts. The owner can then set the POS to produce a payroll report, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. that shows the hours worked by each employee. This spreadsheet can be sent directly to any payroll provider to pay the store’s employees. This feature saves the store owner all the time it takes to calculate and track employee hours. Simply set up the amount of times you pay employees, and forward the report. Back Office and OSS Innovation Telinta Virtual Office is a unique cloud-based solution enabling ITSPs to offer hosted PBX to their small and home-based business customers. The solution takes sophisticated PBX features normally available to larger users, and enables Telinta customers to offer them to small and home-based business customers. Content Delivery and Enablement SocialStreamingTV is a custom social virtual event media news streaming platform offering multi-channel video streaming, virtual events, masterclass and news channels from your own domain name. HGC Global Communications Launched at 2Q20 to fuel the OTT edge computing user experience, HGC’s Eyeball-as-a-Service (EaaS) platform helps both T1 and T2 OTTs penetrate into the Southeast Asia region. EaaS reduces time-to-market from months to weeks, with HGC’s one-stop direct peering ultra-low latency (<10ms) network connection to major ISPs, regional MNOs, local internet exchanges and commercial/residential broadband providers in Asia’s key metro areas.