2022 VISIONARY SPOTLIGHT AWARDS | CHANNELV ISION 11 RapidScale For IT and business leaders looking to scale, secure, and simplify their IT, RapidScale, a Cox Business Company, is a next-generation managed cloud services provider that aggregates best-in-class cloud technology under a single management portal, enabling IT to accomplish more and providing an exceptional end-user experience. With RapidResponse Support, users come directly to RapidScale for support, and its 100 percent U.S-based, certified engineers solve issues. Multi-location Deployments Comstar Technologies Comstar Technologies provides an all-encompassing approach to multi-location deployments. Active in all 50 states and 66 international destinations, Comstar keeps your businesses connected and team members collaborating, regardless of their location. From two locations or 2,000, all solutions are scalable, customizable, and fully supported 24/7/365 by Comstar ’s in-house, U.S.- based team. Granite Granite has expanded its Granite Guardian managed services portfolio with the Granite Premium Dispatch for rapid response to system issues by the right technicians with the right hardware and expertise. Granite Guardian is a comprehensive managed network solution that safeguards business connections from WAN to LAN using “as-a-service” delivery. With Granite Guardian, multilocation organizations can offload network management to Granite’s Network Operations Center (NOC), which delivers 24/7 monitoring and management of network and devices from end-to-end. Peerless Network At Peerless Network, more than 70 percent of its customers have five or more sites. Every multi-location deployment requires an understanding of the customer ’s desired outcomes. Peerless follows a project management process and thorough communications practices with each customer. Peerless does the work upfront for every customer. Sales engineers are involved pre-sale to design a solution that is right. Once sold, project managers work with the customer each step of the way. Tarana Wireless Tarana launched its next-generation fixed wireless solution – the Gigabit 1 (G1) Platform – last October. G1 leverages 12 years of R&D to deliver fiber-class service at distances exceeding 10 miles with immunity to obstructions or interference from other networks – demonstrating performance and network economics legacy fixed wireless solutions. Telesystem Telesystem’s managed experience is a primary differentiator when designing multi-location deployments, encompassing everything from discovery and implementation to U.S.-based 24/7 support and the ability to aggregate and design tailored solutions for our customers. Owning and operating its own network and data centers gives Telesystem the ability to offer fully managed technology solutions and tailor them to address the business-specific needs of each customer as well as a single invoice solution. SaaS and Cloud Applications AMOP Advanced Management Operations Platform (AMOP) helps customers automate the processes that take time and cost them money. AMOP is a multi-tenanted connectivity management platform that provides tools for managing inventory as well as usage billing that integrates with your billing platform to provide revenue assurance from a single pane of glass. Braidio The Braidio Concierge service leverages low-code development to provide enterprises with an all-in-one communications solution. Concierge applications are built to scale for every part of a business and specifically focus on the business-critical customer edge. Overall, integration with legacy platforms creates bilateral interactions and fuels productivity for Braidio partners. Plume Plume’s cloud- and IA-driven SaaS Experience Platform includes a HomePass, a Smart Home Services suite, which provides broadband subscribers with a personalized, superior smart home experience, while delivering operational benefits and return-on-investment to communications service providers (CSP). The solution is built on OpenSync, a growing open-source framework for the smart home, allowing CSPs to deploy next-gen services at massive scale.