2022 VISIONARY SPOTLIGHT AWARDS | CHANNELV ISION 13 Unified Communications/UCaaS Commio Commio offers thinQ Voice and teli messaging solutions to hundreds of SaaS platforms, enterprises, and providers. Launched in September 2021, Commio is a CPaaS API platform delivering secure, industry-first voice and messaging solutions. Commio’s cloud infrastructure and U.S.-based experts ensure your calls and text messages are delivered, and its technology scales with you – sending billions of calls and messages every month across 40 layers of redundant carriers with low-latency and industry-leading uptime. Peerless Network Peerless developed its Cloud PBX solution that allows customers to manage telephone numbers, services, routing, configuration and inventory over Peerless’ cloud-based IP network via one system. Peerless’ UCaaS model makes it easy for any size business to enjoy zero-touch provisioning and customization via the Peerless Portal, Peerless’ automated provisioning platform. Sangoma Technologies Sangoma Technologies Unified Communications (UCaaS) portfolio is a complete, integrated system designed for pure cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployments to suit the needs of the end user business. Sangoma’s cloud-native UCaaS solutions include a full suite of asa-service offerings including voice, video, persistent chat, meetings, packaged application integrations, trunking, fax, virtual desktops, contact center, access control, customization with third party applications and more. Talkdesk Talkdesk Phone is built on a cloud contact center platform. Talkdesk Phone helps organizations save money and simplify operations by bringing together business communications and contact center applications onto a single platform to power more customer experiences and support today’s hybrid workforce. ULTATEL ULTATEL launched its Ignite product, A full-featured UC product designed and priced specifically to work for small businesses at $9.95/ user/monthly. Ignite includes Unlimited Everything (unlimited calling, texts, messages, video, meetings) and advanced call routing features like auto-attendant and ring groups. VitalPBX LLC VitalPBX is a Unified Communications PBX System that provides all the features you look for in a PBX, including audio/video calls capacity, call recording, encryption, messaging, call queues, agents, and more. Additionally, VitalPBX has an add-on modules for a broader feature set. This includes modules like rebranding, queues callback, OpenVPN, Geo-Firewall. As well as Add-On applications like our Sonata Suite, its Call Center/Enterprise Applications for Call Recording reports, Call Accounting, Queues/Agent Statistic reports, and a real-time call monitoring Switchboard. It also has VitXi, the VitalPBX browser-based softphone solution. Vertical Markets and Deployments Unified Office Unified Office is an innovative managed services provider extending its patented Highest Quality Routing (HQRPTM) platform into the Smart Cities market segment. Smart cities require “smart” networks and “smart” services that provide lossless, reliable and deterministic communications services for humans and machines. This “always available communications platform” is key to providing critical services that residents and businesses within smart cities rely on ranging from essential voice communications services to IoT systems that keep them running smoothly. Video Conferencing Broadvoice In response to hybrid workers’ growing demand for streamlined communications and collaboration tools, Broadvoice introduced its next-generation b-hive Communicator to give workers a single app for calling, video, text, collaboration, voicemail and fax. This version, launched in 2021 features enhanced video collaboration capabilities as part of the reimagined user experience interface. b-hive Communicator is part of the b-hive Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) platform, which combines cloud PBX, UC and collaboration features with virtual call center. Wi-Fi and Fixed Wireless Plume Plume’s comprehensive cloud- and AI- driven SaaS Experience Management Platform includes the HomePass Smart Home Services bundle designed to improve Wi-Fi coverage, speed and reliability within the home and to enhance connected device security and provide subscribers with a personalized and superior smart home experience. Plume’s adaptive Wi-Fi service self-optimizes daily and assesses real-time device and application usage to prioritize bandwidth where and when it is needed most.