2 2022 VISIONARY SPOTLIGHT AWARDS | CHANNELV ISION Best Emerging Technology Breakthroughs Granite In 2021, Granite introduced Granite EPIK, a next-generation managed POTS replacement service that helps companies evolve their networks to IP while supporting business-critical specialty lines that rely on legacy TDM landlines. Granite EPIK is qualified as a managed facilities-based voice network device and provides a POTS alternative that is compatible with fire, safety and virtually all other analog devices. Impartner An Impartner and Google partnership has developed Google Ads for the Channel. Google Ads for the Channel allows brands to create and implement local Google Ads campaigns for all their channel partners, requiring no effort at the local level. The brand has complete control and visibility. Google Ads for the Channel is a manageable and efficient solution for channel managers to optimize their indirect sales and overall marketing strategy through digital marketing. Nynja Nynja developed a comprehensive Integrated Workstream Collaboration platform that addresses the needs of remote workgroups, gig workers, freelancers, contractors and others. The platform empowers users to conduct a range of business functions as easily on their mobile devices, all from a single app. Telesystem Telesystem’s Wi-Fi Engagement and Analytics can transform a business’s managed Wi-Fi into a revenue generating and analytics gathering machine that offers visibility into its customers. The captive portal gathers information about who is occupying the space and how they move about via built-in Bluetooth beaconing. Once connected, key contact and demographic information are captured, allowing businesses to get to know their visitors, analyze data and follow up with personalized marketing campaigns. Telesytem’s Advanced Wayfinding technology offers health care campuses real-time location tracking indoors, and the ability to create personalized and end-to-end navigation experiences for patients, guests and employees. Wildix With the release of x-hoppers, Wildix has developed a solution designed to facilitate better communications between retail employees across all departments and their customers to increase customer conversions and retention. x-hoppers is a retail headset system that combines wireless push-to-talk headsets with a cloud-based communications system. Channel Programs of the Year AireSpring Airespring relies on channel partners and created its program to ensure partners have the resources, tools and support they need. AireSpring’s Channel Managers (CMs) are located nationwide because it recognizes the value of regional support. It recruits top talent in targeted locations, and this year expanded its roster of veteran CMs. The sales team has one role: helping channel partners close deals. Airespring offers partners lucrative evergreen commissions, SPIFFs on renewals and tiered commissions that allow partners flexibility in pricing services. Aryaka The Aryaka Accelerate Partner Program unifies the company’s partner-led go-to-market strategy under a comprehensive plan. The program empowers partners to tap into expanded revenue opportunities through Aryaka’s SD-WAN and secure access service edge (SASE) solutions. Accelerate offers a revenue partnership for SD-WAN and SASE services. Catapult by Altaworx Catapult by Altaworx is a Streamlined White Label Reseller Solution. Resources include compliance as a service, revenue assurance with AMOP, BOaaS, Tier 1 support, on-site installation and training of phones to customers, AXIOM sales training, ConnectWise integration, support/demo engineering services, hardware procurement/financing and more. OVERALL EXCELLENCE Channel Deployments of the Year Versa Networks Southeast Christian Church (SECC) is a leading church in North America. The church had layer-2, point-to-point legacy multi-location network expansion plans, but it realized it needed a solution that leveraged multiple connectivity. It chose Versa’s VergX SD-WAN. The system was tested in December following the bomb explosion in Nashville. The church had planned to stream its Christmas services live. With networks down across the Southern United States, homes and businesses were left without internet. With the VergX SD-WAN solution, SECC never lost connection. When the primary fiber connection went down following the explosion, the SD-WAN automatic failover switched to the broadband connection.