2022 VISIONARY SPOTLIGHT AWARDS | CHANNELV ISION 5 Quest Technology Management Quest functions as an integral part of the Crédito Real USA Finance IT team, providing the company with services and executing projects ranging from automating manual reporting activities to database and application development. Quest provides Crédito Real USA Finance with professional services across the coding universe, from SQL to Java and UI/UX engineering. Unitas Global Unitas Global enables digital transformation for enterprises in major and emerging markets through its trademarked Unitas Nexus, a design and purchasing platform that provides Expedia-like visibility into global network connectivity options through Unitas Reach. The marketplace platform provides a single, streamlined view that simplifies and automates the buying experience based on each partner ’s and enterprise’s network requirements Top Innovation Awards CallTower CallTower has a one-stop-shop UCaaS portfolio with the security, stability and scalability, robust project management and 24/7 support to keep services running smooth. Its hosted Microsoft services are dynamic and flexible communication solutions for today’s growing business needs. The collaborative power of combining Office 365 with Microsoft Teams means communications are within a single solution. CallTower ’s hosted Cisco solutions provide unified communications capabilities for all businesses. It delivers a seamless user experience with high-quality, scalable web and video capabilities. CITIC Telecom CPC Integrating AI-enabled cognitive object recognition solutions with AI, AR, big data, blockchain and IoT into its service portfolio, CPC’s team has developed in-house capabilities across intelligent algorithms and an AI platform to empower enterprises to unlock more business potential. Leveraging CPC’s external resources to enhance its AI-AR Remote Hand, CPC managed to integrate intelligent algorithms and AR equipment to boost field service productivity by up to 50 percent. Commio Commio offers thinQ Voice and teli Messaging solutions to hundreds of SaaS platforms, enterprises and providers. Commio is a leading CPaaS API platform delivering secure voice and messaging solutions. Commio offers reliable, cost-effective APIs and a platform that can be customized to meet unique use cases. (Trianz) Hybrid and multi-cloud environments are a reality. They drive agility and lower costs. They lead to fragmentation of infrastructure, loss of visibility and a loss of synchronization with constant changes introduced by cloud providers. Trianz introduced Concierto.Cloud to bring everything under a single pane of glass that helps the end-user take charge. The platform comes pre-integrated with third-party solutions, ready to deliver actionable insights across IaaS and PaaS deployments. First Orion First Orion helps businesses reach customers by equipping them with the ability to brand their mobile phone communication and deliver secure, trusted connections – adding value to the phone and revolutionizing the way customers engage with their brands. First Orion delivers scam protection solutions to mobile carriers. Impartner Impartner released its trademarked Impartner PX PartnerExperience — a PRM interface built to meet the needs of partners. Impartner PX puts the business enablement data partners need to manage their pipeline and grow their business, eliminating the need to dig through marketing-driven websites to find information. With Impartner PX, vendors can configure partner experiences using Impartner PXStudio, a suite of “opinionated” drag-and-drop, widget-based tools. IntelePeer IntelePeer augments customer experiences from the cloud with its workflow communication engine platform, IntelePeer’s Marketplace. By providing management for voice automation, messaging, AI and analytics, businesses can tailor customer engagement without requiring developer resources. Masergy Dole, the food products company, recognizes its IT infrastructure is key to maintain product consistency. Dole’s IT leaders knew that making services reliable and sustainable required changes in its network. It chose Masergy, which put 12 Dole network locations on Masergy’s software-defined network, providing a reliable backbone and 24/7 service management for critical facilities and operations. The result: rapid, global growth; reduced network costs by 45 percent; Increased IT team productivity; and enhanced reliability for global operations.