2022 VISIONARY SPOTLIGHT AWARDS | CHANNELV ISION 7 Moruga Inc. Moruga’s custom high-performance services and trademarked CHiPS – released in January. It features custom built servers with specific processors, core counts, memory, redundant servers for physical and virtual configurations, high availability switches up to 100Gbps, firewall, storage, carrier access, power, physically redundant data centers with < 5ms latency for active/active performance, virtual load balancing, cloud-based DDOS, failover routing of IP, bot mitigation and network acceleration and protection. Contact Center/CCaaS Talkdesk To help brands leverage their contact centers as a strategic asset, Talkdesk created Talkdesk Industry Experience Clouds, which are purposebuilt to meet specific vertical needs and bring businesses value. The roster of Experience Clouds include: Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud for Insurance; Talkdesk Healthcare Experience Cloud; and Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud for Banking. ULTATEL ULTATEL has developed a platform for real-time SMS/text post-call surveys that provide contact center operations an additional way to obtain feedback for quality management, quality assurance and workforce management Cybersecurity FirstLight Fiber FirstLight’s suite of security solutions provides customers with critical protection against threats from ransomware, DDoS attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities and network breaches. FirstLight delivers secure connectivity over its fiber optic network, and it partners with cybersecurity technology providers to offer complementing services that can eliminate critical gaps many enterprises and government entities have in their cyber defenses. Netography To outpace advanced threats Netography Fusion — a SaaS platform that ingests network metadata from disparate systems, enriches it and provides visibility/attack detection in a simple and easy-to-manage package, while providing reusable integrations to block, reroute, orchestrate, and inform or alert. Plume A secure Wi-Fi experience is critical for broadband subscribers, especially in the work-from-home culture. Plume’s SaaS Experience Platform includes HomePass, an expanding suite of Smart Home Services that includes Guard, Plume’s advanced, cloud-based security service that leverages a powerful AI engine to identify, monitor and protect all connected devices on a home network, detect anomalies in device behavior, and quarantine compromised devices to prevent a breach in the network. Trustifi Trustifi offers SaaS-based, in-bound and out-bound cyber security protection, including easy-to-use email encryption, data loss protection, anti-malware, anti-virus, and anti-phishing tools. The company’s One Click Compliance tool adds compliance regulations to accommodate evolving statutes globally and allows administrators to screen emails to comply with more than 10 regulatory compliance guidelines. End User Portal Peerless Network, Inc. The Cloud PBX Me portal provides Peerless Cloud PBX users with seamless, secure and instant collaboration using Peerless’ cost-effective and simple-to-deploy solution. Cloud PBX enables extension dialing from anywhere. Virtual extensions allow users to take control. Enterprise Mobility Advantix By deploying SmartSIM, Advantix was able to provide cost-effective, high-performing and dependable connectivity for 21,000 handheld devices in stores throughout the United States. Because SmartSIM is a multi-carrier SIM that connects to coverage from 12 North American carriers, the solution offers persistent connectivity and inherent redundancy. If one network experiences problems or fails, the devices connect to the next best LTE/5G network automatically.