In November, Broadvoice announced the launch of Broadvoice Bubble, a text messaging and market- ing platform that allows businesses to seamlessly connect with custom- ers on their smartphones via SMS and MMS. Broadvoice Bubble can be used to send alerts and notifications, appointment reminders, customer support, delivery tracking, marketing campaigns, and more. According to Broadvoice vice president of marketing Rebecca Rosen, the announcement came at a critical time as we move forward into 2021, and year two of the pandemic. “Businesses across all verticals need a faster way to connect with customers and ensure flexible and reliable experiences,” Rosen said. “Broadvoice Bubble empowers businesses of all sizes to leverage text messaging. Bubble makes it easy, secure, and cost-effective to get started.” Broadvoice CEO Jim Murphy also commented on the announcement. “Business text messaging is fast becoming the most convenient and reliable way to reach out and interact with your customers,” said Murphy. “This is even more important during the pandemic when digital strate- gies are the primary way to reach your customers.” Broadvoice Bubble is available immediately as a subscription service, providing flexible access for compa- nies without forcing them into binding, long-term contracts. Bubble is sold as a subscription service, costing $30 per user. Bubble’s pricing model is for concurrent users, meaning companies only need to have licenses for how many users will be simultaneously logged in at a given time. The platform comes with numer- ous features including textcasts for broadcasting text messages to customer lists; message templates for setting up automated responses; and timetexts for scheduling messages one at a time, as a series, or as appointment reminders. In addition, Broadvoice Bubble enables inbound texting with live agent routing. Bubble can send customer texts to agent queues and allow teams to leverage built-in intelligence to direct calls to the right department or agent. Plus, Bubble can help teams monitor text queues, volume, and even individual interactions. The platform also includes a simple API, which lets businesses text-enable their software, apps, and websites — along with a dashboard to manage texting from a convenient location. What’s more, Bubble is highly secure. According to the company, Bubble is hosted in a secure AWS environment, and users are required to know their unique workspace and login credentials. Records are also fully encrypted to prevent unauthor- ized access. Broadvoice partners can use Bubble to feed into demand for texting and CX initiatives. Broadvoice Bubble offers both SPIFFs and competitive residual commissions on any new Bubble customer that signs up for the service. Looking beyond Bubble, Broadvoice recently added four regional channel managers, adding further support and guidance for its national community of partners. Aaron Conant joined Broad- voice as regional channel manager – Pacific Northwest; Robert Sanchez joined as regional channel manager – Mountain West; Jim Longtin joined as regional channel manager – South- west; and Joseph Galluzzi joined as regional channel manager – Northeast. Broadvoice also offers regional channel managers in California, the Southwest, the Midwest, and the Southeast. In addition to Bubble, Broadvoice partners can offer b-hive, which is a comprehensive business voice phone system. This service integrates directly with the Microsoft Teams collaboration hub in Office 365. “In today’s environment, the anywhere workforce is no longer an option; it’s a must for most businesses,” said George Mitso- poulos, Broadvoice’s chief product officer. “Microsoft Teams has grown 275 percent since last fall – from 20 million to 75 million users – as businesses seek to replicate a collaborative office environment with employees who are all working from home. Teams is well known as a hub for messaging and collaboration; what’s missing is enterprise-level voice communications. Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams fills the gap.” Partners also will appreciate the fact that Broadvoice earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in 2020 which is the highest possible accreditation from the BBB. “Earning the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau validates Broadvoice’s long-standing track record and ongoing commitment to operate with integrity,” Murphy concluded. “We’re dedicated to being customer-first, delivering high-quality advanced communications services with a high-touch customer experi- ence, keeping our promises, and standing by what we do.” The company also boasts custom- er satisfaction scores in the 90th percentile and net promoter scores in the 70s, placing them in great compa- ny with the likes of brands such as Starbucks, Airbnb and Tesla. o Broadvoice CEO Jim Murphy Broadvoice Launches Text Marketing Platform PROFILE 20 CHANNEL V ISION | January - February, 2021 MOBILE & WIRELESS